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Integrations tools

You can integrate Synerise with 3rd party apps in Settings > Integrations module. This module is constantly developed with new integrations, so feel free to mail us if you have a request.

• Freshmail

Integrating with Freshmail is lets you retrieve customer data as clients detail, mailing details etc. Synchronisation is automatic and after providing the APIkey no more attention is needed. Synergies clients will be synchronise to Freshman to “Synerise” subscribers list.


To use Synerise in SMS campaigns fill in you SMSAPI username and API Password. Note, not you password to SMSAPI but a special one which must be generated for API communication.

• Google Developers Push Notifications

If your Android app supports Synerise solutions and you want to send Push notification to it’s clients you must provide Google Developer APIkey. You can find it Google Developer Console in your app detailed information.

• Apple Push Notifications (APN)

You can send Push notifications to you Apple app after uploading *.pem files (both for development and production versions) with valid APN certificates and keys.