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Newsletter configuration

Sending e-mail campaigns is one of Synerise’s core features. You can either send a traditional e-mail marketing campaign or automate the whole process and send mails as a response for clients certain behaviour.

We recommend using Synerise solutions for the entire Mailing/Newsletter feature as it covers the whole process from form implementation through confirmation mails, unsubscribe links to updating client data.

To start using Synerise for sending newsletters you need to set up the Newsletter configuration:

  1. Create and assign newsletter template
  2. Set up newsletter configuration
  3. Set up newsletter sing-up form


To do steps 1 & 2 you will need to have access to Synerise Settings panel.


  • Create and assign newsletter template

In order to create newsletter template go to Settings > System email tampletes and click the plus button. This will open the email creator. You can use an existing HTML file or create a new one using our default template or from scratch.

Your template should have an activation link. Synerise will generate one automatically for every client, just link a button or text to ##activationlink## like in this example:


Newsletter activation link

Linking a button to activation link


Activation link as url

Linking an URL to activation link


After creating the template, you need to assign it as a Newsletter confirmation template. To do that please go to Settings > Assign templates and choose your template from the drop down list next to the Newsletter confirmation template, then click Save.


  • Set up newsletter configuration

Newsletter configuration sets the type of subscription you want to have on your webpage. Go to Settings > Newsletter to set it up.

Type of subscription:


Choosing this option will prevent Synerise from enabling newsletter subscription.

Single opt-in

This option allows the client to submit their email address without confirming it. As soon as the client sings up, his or her newsletter agreement is immediately set to enable. We don’t reccomend this solution as it’s likely you will get fake emails or worse  somebody will subscribe an email that doesn’t belong to them. Some countries and jurisdictions have stricter privacy laws, so please consult with your lawyers if you have any questions.

Double opt-in

In contrary to single opt-in, double opt-in requires that client needs to confirm their sing up. This means what when a client subscirbes to your newsletter, they are sent a confirmation email where they myst click a button or link that confirms their desire to receive newsletters. Only after this, the client will receive your emails. We recommend using this option.


Next choose the mail template and set optional redirections.


Last step is to set up newsletter forms. Please see further pages for details.