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Subscription agreements

In the Settings > Newsletter section you can set how the newsletter subscription will be handled whether client’s will receive mails with confirmation links or not.

The most dependable is the double-opt in, when client has to click a confirmation link and only after that  his newsletter agreement is set enable. Single opt-in doesn’t require that. We advice you setting newsletter settings to double opt-in.

You should also choose mail template that will be used for confirmation mails and set redirections.

Depending on your integration you can handle newsletter agreements using SDK PHP or using form tracking.

If you’re using form tracking just make sure that your newsletter forms are labeled as data-synerise = “newsletter”. If yes, set up the Newsletter and Assign templates configuration in Setting section and thats all.

When using your own newsletter sing up form please use SDK PHP function in your forms backend to enable Synerise subscription management.


In $additionalParams you can send information like newsletter type e.g. [‘sex’ => ‘m’]

If succes: