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Newsletter sing-up form

If using a different app for managing newsletter proceed to the next step.

This feature is covered in our SDK JS, please follow for installation and configuration details. The SDK JS let’s you display any content on your website as a popup or a as a div injected content.

After the installation and configuration process log into Synerise and go to the Dynamic Content in the Campaign section. Here you can find the list of dynamic content created in your business profile. To add a new one just click plus button.

You can choose if you want to use our default newsletter form or you can make your own.

The default newsletter template is a popup with a simple input for client e-mail address. You can change it looks in Settings section > Dynamic content templates by clicking copy and entering the edit mode.

Choosing “Own temple” lets you decide if you want to use a popup or a dynamic content (that option enables the CSS selector input in which you have to indicate the W3C CSS selectors ( )where the content will be shown). Use the Content Editor then choose Tools and open the < > Source Code window to add your own form. Remember, own forms need to be provided in data-synerise param to properly track client data. See example:


The last thing is setting the display details such as delay after which the content will be shown and URL on which it will and it wont be shown for example you want the newsletter popup no to be displayed on “Thank you for registration page”. You can also choose if we should track and show in client’s profile information if the dynamic content was displayed – we recommend using this feature only for banner campaigns etc.

After initialising the library the SDK JS script will automatically check for any active dynamic content.