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Products and categories

You can connect Synerise with you products database using an XML file.

The file should be available online under a specific and unchangeable URL. Synerise imports that file several times an hour to keep all product and categories info up to date.

Go to Settings > Integrations and just paste the URL in the Product Catalog module.

XML Template example:


Products in Synerise distinguish by SKU which if not provided will be replaced by the products ID. If you want to use a different value than SKU or ID you can decelerate it as a attribute “sku”:

<product id=”43660″>


        <attribute name=”sku”>OSD17160-D0899-00001</attribute>

        <attribute name=”name”>Sukienka</attribute>               



The other attributes as used as following:

1. catalog\products – list of available products

    1.1 xmlUrl – Synerise works with Ceneo XML format if you have a Ceneo feed please paste it in this attribute

2. catalog\products\product

    2.1 id – unique product identifier. It can be in any format e.g. SKU, EAN. If using Ceneo file both id should be the same

3. catalog\products\product\categories – list of categories wher the product is visible

4. catalog\products\product\categories\category

    4.1 id – category ID (see below)

    4.2 order – product order in category

5. catalog\products\product\attributes – product’s attributes, must be given a a key: value. If the same attribute occures also in Ceneo feed it will be replaced with the value from catalog.xml

6. catalog\products\product\attributes\attribute

    6.1 value – attribute’s value