Marketing automation and dynamic content

Marketing automation and dynamic content – effective duet!

In the modern e-commerce, with the growth of the customer base, through the use of appropriate techniques and marketing tools, increasing attention is focused not only on a lead generation – acquisition of leads, but lead nurturing. That is nurturing already acquired leads/customers and providing them with relevant marketing content at the right time and […]

10 solutions for your online store

10 solutions for your online store that will increase sales

The changes we are observing in the market of e-commerce affect our approach to this type of business. The role of mobile devices is increasingly highlighted (those interested in this topic we refer to the „” reports), but also the necessity for a more holistic and integrated approach to the online sales – as discussed […]


How to calculate CLV index? Discussion of historical methods

According to popular Pareto principle, up to 80% of revenues in the business can come from just 20% of clients. These values may be different, but the mechanism well describes the situation of many companies, which get a significant amount of their revenues from the special, the most committed group of clients. Each company should […]


Cohort analysis in marketing – how to use it?

Running a successful business is associated means dealing with the need to analyze large amounts of data (big data). No matter what type of business you own, you have to be prepared to explore and explain the behavior of your customers. However, knowing truly useful patterns in data collection requires additional analytical techniques, one of […]