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See how we help companies from many different trands grow their business and improve communication with customers.

We are revolutionizing the retail segment

Our collaboration with Gino Rossi brand dates back to 2012, when we began the implementation of innovative omnichannel marketing solutions. Up to now, we have prepared a modern and responsive e-shops for Gino Rossi, created a mobile application which is based on Synerise and contains the purchasing module, as well the beacons network implemented in almost 100 stores of the Gino Rossi group. The result of our work is one of the most comprehensive marketing platform, which supports multi-channel sales and communications - both online and offline. From the beginning of our cooperation, stock market value of Gino Rossi has increased by 145.87%, and the company intends to more tightly integrate its ecosystem with Synerise solutions (including greater use of marketing automation module). Since March 2013 we have carried out similar operations for SIMPLE, another clothing brand that belongs to Gino Rossi SA.

We support culture

The application for the Museum of Contemporary Art is an interactive map that makes it easy to move around the exhibitions. The museum is located in different buildings, so the application in conjunction with beacons become individual guide: it navigates visitors and provides additional content on exhibits for mobile devices, and also allows you to check opening times and tickets’ prices. Thanks to our implementation museum is more avtractive, because innovative technology is interesting for visitors. The first exhibition, which has been supported with beacons is Crime in the art. MOCAK application that works with Android and iOS, gets about 15 percent of all visitors. In the future museum wants to expand their offer with an educational application for children that will engage them to exercise and puzzle games using works of art. It is also planned to increase the number of beacons throughout the museum, both at exhibitions and outside them, for example in the cafeteria, bookstore, library and other buildings where are spaces for visitors. All this in order to fully exploit the potential which offers our application and beacons.

Be a better driver with forDrivers

forDrivers is an innovative application for drivers, which makes that safe and economical driving brings double profit! Through the use of gamification mechanisms, the driver can earn points and badges for safe behavior on the road (e.g. driving under the speed limit), as well as reprimands - when he breaks the rules. Our project aims to engage positively drivers and support them in building a safe driving style. Therefore, collected points can be redeemed for products and services of our partners (at the moment Fiat, Multikino, HTC). To increase engage of drivers, we have integrated forDrivers with Synerise Beacons technology, which allows us to send a personalized and location-based deals. Due to it, we are sure that proposals which the driver will receive on his smartphone are in line with his expectations, which significantly increases the chance of purchase - this is a definite advantage for our partners. Over time, our offer will be successively expanded and other brands will become partners to forDrivers, so that application users will access to even more diverse range of products and services. forDrivers also informs the driver about obstacles on the road, weather, repairs, to remember to check the condition of the vehicle and its settings before embarking on a journey. Therefore, it is a fully functional tool that will help many drivers.

Mobile app for modern women

WenusAPP is first polish mobile platform designed for modern women, which is a response to the Venusians’ needs – it is community of entrepreneurial women who still want to grow. Thanks to cooperation with numerous partners and the use of BLE technology, users receive individual codes and coupons, and information about events important for each member of Venusian community.

We support global trade

P&G, a multinational company which has 4.2 bilion customers all over the world has become our client. It will use our product in B2B sector and Synerise will be used to support its internal communication.

We cooperate with the biggest

Recently we have begun to cooperate with Costa Coffee - a multinational coffeehouse company. Our new partner will utilize the most important modules of Synerise to implement modern marketing automation strategy, based on omnichannel model of communication and sales.