1 How is Automation panel composed?

In Automation section you will find the marketing automation workflow wizard. We prepared for you an intuitive drag and drop interface so you will be able to easily create even coplicated customers journeys.

On the right vertical menu you will find 3 sections:

  • Trigers - trigger is something that starts journeys, it can be specific contact, segment or smart list,
  • Conditions - that allow you to filter contacts in your journeys based on specific criteria, eg. you can filter only those customers who visit particular page,
  • Actions - this is part of the journay where you choose specific activity, for example, sending an e-mail, push message or SMS. It will be performed after chosen trigger and/or conditions occur.
To compose a marketing automation workflow just drag a preferred symbol from right menu and drop it in the left part of Automation window. Next just click on the arrow next to selected symbol and connect it with another one to define a relation between two elements.


For each of the elements described above you can define specific parameters. To get to know how to do it go to the How can I edit triggers, actions and conditions?

When your automation is ready click Save button to start it.

2 How can I edit triggers, actions and conditions?

After you drop choosen element to the workflow edit window will be automaticaly opened. You can also edit triggers, conditions and action in customer journey whenever you want. Just double-click on particular element to re-open edition. In next step choose your settings.

For example, if you want to prepare automation for customers who visited particular page use trigger  Visited Page. Then click plus button "Add event atribute", choose option "page," state your operator and fill the attribute value by website address.


You can easily edit action too, eg. in Send email - choose from the list your template which you have prepared in Settings. That's all. In the same way you can edit conditions.


Automation can deliver the right content at the right time. It's easy way to prepare automated marketing communication, nurture customers and increase sales.

3 Why right content and context is so necessary when launching my campaigns?

It’s simple! Your campaigns will bring best effects when you use arguments that reach each customer individually, and reach him in appropriate moment. First – customer who wants to watch, listen, get information that he is interested in. Second – he may want to buy something today, but not in two months. For instance: he may want to buy fridge, when the old one broke down, but not when he has bought new one, not longer than three months ago.

4 What is customer journey?

Customer journey is his way to purchase, during which he faces various touch points, where he can meet our product. This journey may look different, depending on the client. Some people read opinions in the internet, and then buy in the traditional store, while others prefer to ask questions in store, and buy it in e-shop. It is important to ensure that consistent communication is in as many places as possible, and to keep tracking customers’ journey.

7 What is customer’s loyalty?

Everybody knows what is loyalty in life. In marketing, it is good to monitor client’s brand loyalty and Synerise is a perfect tool for this.  Thanks to it you can reward the most loyal clients e.g. for the frequency and value of their purchases. For the collected points, clients can receive discounts or get something free. Loyalty points are collected on the so-called loyalty card, in the form of a plastic card or in electronic form - in a mobile application.