1 Should my customers have reservations about beacons?

The security of customers’ data does not depend on whether we installed beacons or not, but on how we care about the security of our databases. If it hasn't threaten our customers so far, when we send mailings or SMS promotions, now that we will use beacons nothing will change. Beacons do not collect any personal data. The only thing they do is sending to the application it’s ID number and information about how close to beacon customer is (basically signal strength). These are the encrypted data, that can be read only by appropriate software, and only if your customer has given us his permission.

3 Do Synerise Beacons include any security mechanisms?

Yes, our beacons are equipped with the following defence mechanisms: Secure Shuffling (they can repeatedly change their identifiers to protect against piggybaking or cloning your device), Secure Communication (all the communication between your beacons and devices is encrypted, ensuring that beacons can’t be hijacked) and Software Lock (the information is protected by a software lock on the device itself, so beacon can’t be cracked).

5 Where are your data servers?

Collected data, including identification data, is stored on servers in Poland according to to the regulations of the appropriate authority

6 Are your employees instructed regarding data protection?

All employees are instructed on their obligations regarding data protection and confidentiality. Moreover, they regularly receive in-house and external training. Also, we keep an eye on our data-protection standards to keep them continuously up-to-date. If it's necessary we change them and update the internal information policy of our company, to make sure that our employees are well trained on the subject of data security.

8 How do you use personal information?

We do not use customer data for our own purposes. The User is the database owner. We just provide the system and its logic. We do not disclose personal data. All data is encrypted.

9 Do you guarantee 100% security all of the time?

We use commercially reasonable measures to protect the security of the personal information that we collect or receive against unauthorized access, alteration, or destruction. Please be aware that despite our best efforts, there are no data security measures that can guarantee 100% security all the time.

10 Are you responsible for the information practices of third party websites?

From time to time, our site or product may contain links to other, external websites. Any access to and use of such linked websites is not governed by our privacy policy, but, instead, is regulated by the policies of those third party websites. We are not responsible for the information practices or security rules of such external websites.