1 What is Synerise?

Synerise is a comprehensive omnichannel platform, which will make your marketing automation solutions even more complex and efficient. Why? Because we own innovative technologies combined in one utility. Our system works with data from online and offline clients traffic, that’s why all the conclusions are accurate and show the actual state of your marketing and sales activities.

Synerise consists of few modules:

  • CRM – to manage your clients’ database,
  • TASK – to manage your and your team daily marketing and sales work,
  • Campaign - to manage all your marketing campaigns (email, SMS, push, beacon campaigns),
  • Automation – place, where you can create and monitor clients’ journey,
  • Insights - place where you can find more interesting statistics of your marketing campaigns and sale results,
  • Analytics - business intelligence analytics, place where you can play with raw data.

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Using Synerise, you will be able to manage team, create exquisite campaign and engage your clients – the best thing is, that you need just one Synerise ecosystem, that follows the latest trends in proximity and automation marketing. For instance: full support for beacon technologies (iBeacon & non-iBeacons), way-point navigation, business intelligence algorithms, machine learning, push notifications, authorization API with SSO, scoring system, monitoring of online and offline clients' activities, support for multiple OSes (iOS, Windows Phone, Android Support) and many more.

2 For whom Synerise is?

Synerise is for every company which wants to collect data from online and thanks to beacon technology from offline too. So far this platform is appropriate for brands from:

  • retail (fashion, household goods, car industry, supermarkets, shopping malls, cosmetic networks),
  • e-commerce,
  • B2B companies,
  • tourism (travel agency, hotels),
  • restaurant industry,
  • public sector (municipal offices, museums, universities, foundations and much more),
  • logistics,
  • energy and fuel industry.

3 Is there any difference between Synerise and Google Analytics?

Synerise differs from Google Analytics in one major way: we track a lot more data. While Google Analytics focuses on online tracking, Synerise tracks also the actions people take offline (thanks to beacons technology). Of course Synerise integrates with GA, to gather more data tracked on your website. We believe that measuring online and offline engagement is better because it's more indicative of people actually using/buying/interested in your product.
  • Synerise provides a better event tracking model and ensure reliable marketing automation tools. Google Analytics doesn't.
  • Synerise retention analysis allows you to measure whether new or advanced client come back and use your app again. It also allows you to determine the frequency that they use your app. Google Analytics does not do this.
  • User support – Google Analytics does not provide real-time user support if you encounter a bug. We offer this to all our users.
  • Improved data accuracy – Google Analytics relies particularly on keeping track of clients via a cookie. With Synerise, you can utilize more sophisticated client information, that will provide you a wider sense for your business.

4 What is a Quick Menu feature?

We want to make your work even more efficient and comfortable, so we prepared a quick menu feature. Now you can perform the most essential actions right from quick menu which appears on the right-bottom corner of the screen. You can:
  • add a quick contact to your database;
  • add new segment;
  • create an email template;
  • prepare a customer journey.
Also, you can find here a Help button that will lead you to a live chat with the Synerise Team member, who will help you to cope with all problems.