1 How is TASK’s panel composed?

TASK module consists of PROJECTS, where you will find a list of tasks and NEXT ACTIONS – a list of urgent or priority tasks, that you need to complete first, so your project could be realized according to plan. Select TASK section from drop-down menu on the left side in Synerise and start to manage your work in a smart way.

2 What is Synerise TASK for?

Synerise TASK is a smart task manager, that helps you to organize to communicate with your team without lengthy email chains, control lead management process, manage marketing workflow and simply organize to-do lists.

4 How to add another person to the project in TASK and set adequate permissions for him or her?

To add a person to your project, first you need to invite him or her to your business profile (check: User's Settings).

All project permissions you will find in Synerise Settings. In the left tab you need to choose TASK → Access Control List. A new view will appear with a list of all business profile members. What is more, above the list you will see all existing Task's projects. If you want to enable or disable access for a particular user just tick (or deselect) a square icon in its corresponding line.

To save changes click on Save button beneath the list.

5 How to delegate tasks?

Click on the task to see its details on the right tab.

Find find "Assign to” box . Next, choose the person, that will be responsible for this task from the list, or find it using search engine.

If you just want to mention someone in the task – add in comment @name_of_that_person. The mentioned person will receive a notification in email.

6 How to tag task?

Tags allow to group and organize your tasks. You can add tags when creating task by putting title in the brackets [ ], or after that – during task edition.

You can choose tag from the list or create new one by clicking on Add tag button.

If you want to single out one of your tags, to see it on the list, add ! before tag, e.g. !tag. As a result, your tag will be highlighted on the list.

7 How to change status of my task?

To change task status, open the task details by clicking on its name. Then choose one of the following statuses:
  • Backlog – it's a list of tasks, which, at a given moment, are known to be necessary and sufficient to complete a project.
  • To do - status To do means, that this task need to be done in a predetermined time e.g. this week, this spring etc.
  • In progress - a task on which someone is working at the moment has status In progress.
  • In review - when you complete the task, and you want the person who contracts it, to check whether the task was completed successfully set In review status.
  • Done - If the task has been correctly done, set Done status. It will automatically shut down and disappears from the Active tasks list.

8 How to share documents?

Share images, documents and more and find them all in one place. Now you don't need to look up in activity to find some important files - just click Attachment Tab and download them. Also you can upload a file in this tab. Just click on Upload file button and choose the one you want. You can also attach files in comment box. Just click the icon on the right side of dialogue box.  

9 Will I get email with my task status notifications?

Email notifications are great for staying up-to-date with project activity when you're away from the app. You will receive updates automatically if you are task author or assigned user. If you want to receive task updates anyway, just add it to observe by clicking Eye symbol on the upper right.

10 What is the Next Action?

To add another kind of priority to your task use Stars.

This not only sets them apart visually, but adds them to the Next Actions so you can work through only the tasks that require your immediate attention. Task also shows up in Next Actions automatically when it's due date is coming – it is symbolized by red star.

11 How to create task on client?

To simplify your work, we create special task creator, which you can use, when checking client’s detail profile. Now when you want to delegate an action on specific client, you don’t need to go outside CRM module. Go to the CRM section, then select profile of client, that you’re interested in. When you open his profile, at the top of the page you will see a word ACTIVITIES and the arrow symbol next to it - click it and open the context menu from which select the TASKS.

You will see a list of tasks, that are currently assigned to this client. Also, if you want to assign a new task to the client, do this by clicking on the Plus icon in the upper left corner of the window. You will open the new task creator. Configure the task, and then click Save button. The new task will appear both on the list in a client's profile, and in an appropriate tab in a TASK module.

12 How to create a new task in Project?

To define a new assignment in a particular Project in the Synerise TASK module, just open this section and chose the project (you find list of all projects on the left side of the main screen) that you are interested in. Then click on a Plus button at the top of page. It will open a text box in which you should write the name of a new ticket. In final step click on ADD button at the right side to save changes.