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Predictions & AI Insights

Predict which customers are likely to take defined actions.
Get real-time predictions for segments and individual customers.


Be A Step Ahead Of Your Customers

Understand what your customers are likely to do before they do it. Offer them products they are most likely to buy, or preemptively take action to convert them. Elevate your sales using AI-powered insights that works at the individual customer level.

Clear, Real-time Predictions

Easily analyze even the largest of data sets and get all predictions in a clear graphical overview. With distinct color-coded UI and group breakdowns by percent, you can tell groups apart at a glance.

Proprietary Machine Learning

Prediction module is based on the complex mechanisms of machine learning. Thanks to revolutionary technology, everything is calculated precisely and tailored for your customers. Let the AI do anything for you!

Scientific methods

Synerise Predictions are based on proven scientific research, not flipping a coin. Synerise applies the most advanced science to achieve new marketing capabilities.

The relevance of the prediction is shown by the Area Under the Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve (AUC). Algorithm efficiency is defined from 0 to 1, where 0.5 means the algorithm is only 50% accurate. Synerise Prediction Module offers an outstanding 85-95% accuracy.

Suitable For All Businesses

Take advantage of AI-powered marketing whether you are a small business or large enterprise. The easy-to-use interface is adaptable for your business's needs.

Custom Predictions

With Synerise you are not limited to predefined predictions. Create predictions based on any event you want, which you have enough data for.

Graphical Overview

Your team will always understanding correctly thanks to the clear graphical overview. Customers are divided into groups based on their conversion probability.

Custom Time Horizons

Get predictions for chosen time periods, whether it is for a specific number of days, months or even a year ahead!

Real-Time Predictions

Information gets stale quickly. With Synerise Prediction Module, you get predictions updated dynamically every second.

Big Data Analysis

To get the most accurate predictions, our algorithms analyze as much customer data as you have - even from years earlier.

Explore Individual Customers

Easily view customers belonging to any group. Get quick access to their profiles thanks to the Explore button, which will take you straight to their CRM record.