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Monitor effects of your marketing campaigns
and check how your sales increase.


Analyze activity

Check what is your sales level. Choose customers segment, check how much money do they leave in your regular stores and online stores. Compare the segments. Maybe it's better for you to invest more money in campaigns dedicated for customers in specific age, or localization?

Manage the level of sales

Check which of your product is the most popular. Use segments, you created, and check number of sold items for each one. Maybe you should support sales of poorly selling product in specific clients groups?

Check the value of shopping carts

Check whether it increases in time and compare the size of shopping cart for different segments. Find out what is the average shopping cart for each group of your clients.


Basic information

Easy access to the most important data from last days is essential to run a successful business. Basic information is a section, where you will find charts, tables and other data about your clients, such as: number of subscribers, number and value of clients' transactions or to determine the increase of clients in your database.


Segments help you to increase your profits, so it’s crucial to know what kind of groups have you prepared and what is the number of clients assigned to each of them. Compare differences between segments to figure out what is the best for your company.


Raw figures are very important, but sometimes charts can show more and let you see some connections or trends. Synerise provides you both – detailed numbers and graphs concerning your clients' activities. Thanks to it you won't miss anything.

Demographic data

What is the age of most frequently buyers? Where they live? Are they men or women? Use these information to prepare right segments.

Number of customers

Find out how many people visit your stores or just pass next to them. Check which customers are for the first time in specific location or which decided to return to your shop.

Data about different locations

You can see aggregated data from all your locations or get insights from specific store.

Transactions data

See what is the number and value of transactions that your customers made during last days.

Statistics from online store

Check the level of abandoned shopping carts to see what is wrong and find a solution how to improve your website.

Online and offline data

Do you want to know where your customers are most keen on to purchase? Discover how many of them have visited your stores (both online and traditional).

Average shopping time

Discover the average presence time of customers in your stores to improve their customer experience.

Different date

If you want to get statistics on specific period, you can use a calendar or select one of predefined intervals: 1, 7, 30 or 60 days.