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Communicate with customers and teammates
with a single, simple messenger.


Respond quickly and accurately

Customers expect a rapid response to their needs so every minute counts. It is also important to let them know they are being treated individually. With Synerise.Messenger, resources and a large amount of data collected in Synerise, you can be both fast and precise.

Treat everybody as a potential customer!

Sometimes even the shortest conversations can get results if they take place at just the right time. Let your customers know that they can count on you and ask questions at any time.

Communicate with your teammates

Instead of writing emails, just open the Synerise.Messenger box and quickly write what you want. Offiical email correspondence is not always necessary so why not communicate faster?

Talk simply and react instantly

Sometimes it is more comfortable to write something quickly via messenger than discuss it over the phone or write emails and wait forever for an answer

Make the most of your website
and use messenger communication!

Real time conversations

Help your customers in real time every time they visit your site and ask questions. Respond quickly to fix their problems and build your relationship.

Prepare automated messages

Synerise.Messenger allows you to create different automated messages for every action your customers take and display them on the message feed exactly when the customer may need it.

Email notifications

Email notifications are a great way to stay in touch with customers even if you’re away from the app since you can replay messages directly from your mailbox.

Team work

Don’t worry if you’re not online. Customer messages will be sent to the team member who is currently online and logged-in, so they can react quickly.

Create tasks while chatting

Synerise.Messenger is tightly integrated with Synerise.Task - a module for your team task management. You can create a new task directly in the messenger window and find it later and modify it on your Tasks To Do list.

Forget about lengthy email chains
and take your team collaboration to a new level!

Manage your tasks

Take the opportunity to combine the functionality of Synerise.Task and Synerise.Messenger and create tasks for your team directly from the messenger box.

Quickview on marketing or sales statistics

Need a quick preview of the latest sales statistics or recent mailing campaign indicators during your messenger conversation? Simply start typing the appropriate word and our intelligent bot will display them instantly.

File sharing

Share images, documents and more with your team and have everything in one place. Simply drag and drop a file to the messenger window.


Use a built-in reminder functionality so you don’t forget anything on your busy schedule.

Customer details

Get all important information about your customers every time they write to you, e.g. visitor’s location, last transaction, last activity date to help you to react appropriately.

In-app notifications

Don’t let any messages go unnoticed! With sound and visual notifications you will be ready to react every time a customer needs your help.

Message templates

Save time and use messenger in a smart way, sending ready-to-use answers for the most popular questions regarding current promotions, opening hours and more.

Uploading attachments

Very often it’s easier to show the problem rather than decribe it in words. Use Synerise.Messenger to exchange files and make it easier for you to diagnose the problem and find a solution.

Adding tags

Group and organize your chats using tags to get to know more about your customers and provide support. Using these labels you will be able to check statistics for particular types of cases.


With Synerise.Messenger you can communicate with customers in real time but what's more, all chats are archived in case you need them later. Using filters you'll be able to easily find any conversations.

Direct messages

If you want to communicate directly with a team member, just send a direct message. It's completely private - just the two of you can see it.

Messenger groups

Comunnicate with your team members in groups gathered around a project or particular topic. You can create as many groups as you wish.

Private groups

Some information isn’t for everyone. Create private groups and invite only choosen members. People without an invitation won't see it.