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Adding Tags during import

 Tags let you group your customers together. They’re great for highlighting VIP customers who may require VIP support or loyal customers who would make great beta testers, for example. You can also add special tags for customers during import to differentiate them from other people in the base.


  • you will be able to prepare campaigns for people with special tag and reach them with more personalised offer
  • you will be able to prepare special campaign for customer from import
  • you will be able to differentiate people from different data base and you will be able to activate them with different promotion

Synerise solution

To add tags to customer during import, just fill Add tag field with appropriate words in the Import window. If you need more information how to import customer base from external CSV file read this help desk post.

How-can-I-import-customers-database-from-other-systems-2 Adding Tags during import

You can find customers with specific tag in the CRM. Just choose from the left vertical menu Tags subsection.

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