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Auto-saved message templates that can be edited at any time

Templates created in Synerise can be saved and use or edited at any time. You can create as many templates as you need and use it at any time.

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You can find templates in Settings – when you click the campaign email templates. If you want to add new template click Plus button on the top of the screen, you can use any template or click “copy” to make a copy and change it.

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If you want to edit the template you can use a special editor which enable you to modify every element in mailing – f.e. fonts, colours, pattern, URL and even padding and line types and height.

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If you click “save” on the tope of the screen your project will be saved as a draft. You can use it later in the campaign.

You can do it in Campaign module – when you want to set up email campaign or in Automation module – if you want to prepare whole automation scenario where sending email is only one of the steps.

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