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Changing status of a task

With Synerise you can manage your tasks and change their status.


  • you and your team can see at which stage is a specific task
  • internal search engine enables you to find tasks by their status

Synerise solution

If you want to change the status of task click open the task details by clicking on its name.


Then, you can choose one from the following statuses:

  • Backlog – it’s a task, which is necessary and sufficient to complete a project.
  • To do – it means that this task should be done in predetermined time eg. till monday, next week etc.
  • In progress – it means that someone is currently working on this task.
  • In review – it means that you completed the task and now it should be check by other person (eg. your customer or boss).
  • Done – If the task has been done, set the Done status. This task will automatically disappear from the Active tasks list.

Moreover you can find there other tasks when its due date is coming – it is symbolized by red star.

If you change the status, other people which are currently working on this task will receive an e-mail notification.

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