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Creating campaigns for inactive customers

One of the most fundamental lessons that every marketer learns is that it costs around six to seven times more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one. Despite this, it is not unusual for big brands to have a 50% inactive customer base, which causes big loss in revenue. That’s why you should keep an eye on your customers’s activities and prepare special campaigns for inactive customers to re-activate them. Fortunately Synerise gives you such opportunity.


  • As we mentioned above you will save your money
  • You will get loyal customers
  • You will save your time thanks to automated campaigns

Synerise solution

In Synerise you can easily re-activate customers, but first you need to decide, what you mean by inactive ones. Lets assume that those are customers who haven’t made any transactions for one year. How to find them? You have at least two options:

  • You can create segment. Go to the  Segmentation in Synerise Settings and choose Product bought condition from the left vertical menu. Next select “any product” and in time condition set 1 year.  With such setting you’ll get customers who have bought any prodact in last year – to get inactive customers you have to set “Clients not matching above conditions”.

inactive Creating campaigns for inactive customers

  • In second option you can find inactive customers in CRM. In the left vertical menu you’ll find Date of last transaction section. Set there that last transaction was e.g. 365 days ago to find customers who haven’t bougt anything for one year. Now you can add them tag “inactive” or create segment or smart list.

inactive Creating campaigns for inactive customers

After you find inactive customers you can prepare for them special campaign, e.g. with additional promotion. To do it go to the Campaign section, choose communication channel and in recipients select tag, segment or smart list which you’ve prepared earlier.

inactive Creating campaigns for inactive customers

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