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Creating coupons

Synerise coupons can be provided in two ways:

  • send via email
  • displayed in mobile application when customer approaches a beacon or visit specific location

To use coupons you should integrate your mobile app or website with Synerise using our Android/iOS SDK or REST API

More information about this integration you will find here: http://


  • it is a great way to increase your current and new customers’ interest

Synerise solution

Choose module “Campaign” from the left menu bar and next choose the category “Coupons”

To add new coupon click plus button. Now, you need to provide a few things.


First of all add basic information about coupon:

  • coupon’s name
  • short description (will be shown when you send a coupon in a push message)
  • additional description (will appear in mobile app in coupon’s detailed view and can be used in coupon email template)
  • URL – in this input you can paste URL to coupon terms
  • coupon availability (start and end date of promotion you have to set up from when and till when coupon will be genarated)
  • time to use  (period of time to use coupon, after this time coupon will be invalid). If you write “0” it means that the coupon will never expire.

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-04-o-15.05.59 Creating coupons

Next you have to add information about how and where this coupon will be displayed:

  • hide coupon – if you do not want to display coupon in mobile app
  • send PUSH message – choose to send push message to inform customers they received a coupon
  • discount type – coupons can have a form of a cash discount or a percent discount
  • global activation limit – there you can set the limit of coupons – when customers will get the certain amount of coupons the campaign will stop
  • activation limit – you have to set the amount of coupons available for one user
  • what is more, you can require activation before using it (eg. user has to register its coupon on the website)
  • you can allow only the owner to use this coupon (eg. in offline store sales assistant have to check the identity of card’s owner)

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-04-o-15.05.59 Creating coupons

In the third part of options you can provide information about target.

  • you can determine with which products this coupon can be used (if you want to activate coupons promotion only for few products not for all assortment)
  • addimage – if you want to display coupons on mobile devices
  • customer segment – there you have to choose the segment to whom your coupon campaign will be send. It is useful if you are sending coupons via email or mobile app. This feature lets you decide which customer segment will receive the coupon. When you send coupons via automation (eg. only when user does action which was defined earlier) this field will be ignored.
  • location – you can choose in which location your campaign will be active – you can choose your online shop or offline store localization

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-04-o-15.05.59 Creating coupons

If you create a coupon successfully you can send a campaign to your customers. You can send it:

  • via email

You can do it as a result of automation. To do this, set up a basic coupon template in the Settings > System Email Temples. This template should have custom fields which will be replaced with the customer’s coupon barcode, coupon description or other attributes like coupon name, discount etc.

List of coupon custom fields:

barcode## – this attribute will be replaced with individual coupon code – will be replaced with coupon’s name

coupon.additional_description## – replaced with coupon’s additional description

After creating this template assign it as a default in Settings > Assign Templates. When that’s done you can proceed with creating an automation.

You can create any customer journey which will end with a send coupon. In the “Send Coupon” action choose already existing coupon. Automation will send this coupon using the assigned default template to every customer who qualifies.

  • via mobile app

If your integrated with Synerise mobile application  coupons can be published directly into it.

Every coupon created in Synerise will be automatically publish itself in your mobile application. If you don’t want to show coupon in app, you should check the Hide coupon in the coupon’s settings.
In application, coupons will only be visible for the chosen customer segment.

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