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Dashboard – data about the website, mobile app users and offline store (currently and during last 24h)

All marketing data in Synerise (containing behavioral information about your customers) are updated in real-time.  You can find them on the dashboard.

Sales data can also be updated in real-time, but here Synerise depends on your transaction system, which you will integrate with it.

Synerise updates following information about your customers:

  • Number of users which are currently on-line on your: website (desktop and mobile site), app and in your offline store (only if they have application and are online) – both anonymous and registered.
  • Recognized contacts live

Synerise informed how many contacts online are recognized.

Synerise can recognize contacts if their e-mails are in CRM – so these users had to fill in the form, had contact with your website, subscribed newsletter, bought something or agreed to process their personal data in any other way. If not – you can see them as anonymous contacts.

What is important – Synerise is collecting data about their activities all the time, but you can find them in the CRM only when they agreed to process their personal data. At this time you can find all history about this contact activities and behavior.

  • Recognized contacts last 24h

Synerise shows you how many recognized contacts are online now, and to be more precise – how many of them were in your app or website during last 24h.


  • you can see how many users are now in your app, www and in your offline stores, and how many of them you have in your CRM. It helps you to send them personalized campaign, newsletter etc. exactly during the time when they are in contact with your products and brand

Synerise solution

You can find real-time data on DASHBOARD – Livestream.

There, you can find all behavioral  and transactional data about your customers. Each entry on the Live Stream list consists of: a symbol (which indicates the type of event, eg. desktop, mobile, POS), a customer’s name, an event description, customer’s web browser type and date with time.

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-09-01-o-17.08.03 Dashboard - data about the website, mobile app users and offline store (currently and during last 24h)

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