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Default projects – projects created on particular customers

Synerise Task module is an easy tool to collaborate with your team. You can set there many types of projects for tasks concerning different part of your business management. But we create also default project which is extremely important regardless business type. It is project concerning costomers.


  • it will reduce your efforts – you will create task on particular customer in customert’s profile in CRM, so when you find something important in customers data you don’t have to switch windows to set a new task
  • you will engage whole team to customer service – every member of Synerise account gets permission to Customer task by default so you can assign particular task to the most appropriate person

Synerise solution

You will find default projects directly in Task module. There you can createa  task in the same way you do it in created projects. Just click Plus button in the upper part of the screen and insert its name. Next you can assign it to the team member, set its status, priority and due date, and write a description.


But there is also another way to create a task connected with this project. You can simply do it in a particular customer’s profile. To do it choose Task tab from the drop-down list in the top of the page.


Then just fill in name of your task, its description, due date, priority. And assign it to particular team member.



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