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Filtering customers’ database

If you want to find a particular customer in your CRM?

  • Sort – it means to set the customers in order.
    For example, if you sort data by name – on the list you will find all customers in alphabetical order.
  • Filter – it means displaying only this customer which meet the specified condition.
    For example, when you filter by status and you choose one of the lists, like “customer” and then “anonymous web”, you can find only customers with this status.
  • Search – it means just type its name in a search engine.


  • You can find quickly customer or group of customers and group them automatically
  • You can check who is your customer, and how they get on your side.

Synerise solution

SORT: To sort the data you should click the icon “sort” and choose one of the options.

In synerise you can sort by:

  • Activity date
  • Added date
  • Mail address
  • Phone Number
  • Name
  • Last Name
  • Score points
  • Last transaction date
  • Last transaction value


  FILTER: On the left side you will find refinements menu containing:

  • Date of the last transaction
  • Smart Segments,
  • Smart Lists,
  • Last activity date
  • Created date,
  • Tags,
  • Filters


1.Date of the last transaction shows customers who bought a product in a selected time period.


2. Smart Segments shows all not empty segments

3. Smart Lists after choosing a couple of refinements you might want to save it to a quick access list called Smart List. All your Smart List are visible in this menu. If you want, you can use “not” to exclude segments.


4. Last activity date, you can filter CRM list by selecting only those customers whom activity date matches your choice.


5. Created date, Last activity date but filters by the date of creation.


6. Tags lists all existing tags.


7. Filters, here you can find all of the customers attributes both default customer data and additional information. Additional information is what you send to Synerise Tracker with every customer create or update. Default attributes are first name, last name, region, city or marketing agreements but note if there is no customer who could be filtered by a default attribute – the default attribute will not show.


If you want to use a filter, select the data categories. On the right side list of customers will be quickly filtered.


SEARCH: If you are looking for a particular person and know her full name or email address. You can use the search engine. Enter the requested data.


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