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History of visits and customers’ activity on the website

Synerise collects data about all customers, but it can be visible in customers profile only when user will agree to process personal data. Then you can find all previous data about a particular customer activities on your website in customer’s card.

Thanks to Synerise you can monitor all your customers’ activities on the website – visited pages and what is more – pop-up banners which were displayed to specific customer.

Synerise solution

To check your customers activity, simply click on your customer and open their Client profile straight from CRM.

crm1 History of visits and customers' activity on the website

Thanks to Synerise you can monitor the following activities:

  • visited pages,
  • dynamic content displayed to the customer,
  • changes in the customers’ data,
  • checking the product’s availability,
  • system communicates – eg. adding customer to segment or adding or removing tag.

You can see the details of customers activity by moving your cursor over it. More button will appear. By clicking on it, a dialog window will open up showing you details of the action.

crm1 History of visits and customers' activity on the website


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