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Lead generation according to opt-in principle

To prepare the best campaigns the first step is to build a successful list of email addresses who want to receive your messages. You need to get recipient’s permission, which is not only common courtesy but also law requirement. Opt-in express permission by a customer to receive such newsletter. After the opt in, recipient will keep getting materials until the chooses to opt out.

3 methods of obtaining permission for newsletter

  • Synerise can handle newsletter shipping but it doesn’t have to. If our User don’t have to use Synerise to send newsletter he can choose No consent to the newsletter. In such situation even if somebody sign up for newsletter it will not be able to send him message via Synerise. We do not recommend this option.
  • Better way (but not the best) is to choose single-opt method. Here your lead is added to your email list and it’s done immediately without any email confirmation. So in the contrary to the first method, here your customer will get to Synerise base and you’ll be able to send him newsletter directly from our system.
  • The most reliable and also recommended is double opt-in. This method requires a subscriber to confirm his email address. To do it he gets an email with an activation link after subscribing to newsletter. Customer will receive newsletters only if he or she clicks on the activation link and confirms the subscription.


  • with Double Opt-in you can create good quality database free of non-responsive addresses
  • when customer needs to confirm his email you know that his address is valid and in use so your campaign statistics will be more adequate
  • single Opt-in helps create large database more quickly

Synerise solution

If you’re useing Synerise for newsletter agreements, please open the Newsletter hyperlink in Synerise’s Settings menu, to set up newsletter confirmation settings.

At the beginning you need to set Type of subscription from the drop-down list – it means that you can choose the method of obtaining permission for sending the newsletter to customers.

optin Lead generation according to opt-in principle

If you choose double opt-in method you have to set two more things:

  • First you need to choose confirmation email template in the Template section. It is email which is send to recipient after signing in with confirmation link.

optin Lead generation according to opt-in principle

  • Next you have to insert Subscription confirmation URL – it’s a hyperlink that leads customers to a specific part of your web page, where the newsletter registration is confirmed by appropriate message.

optin Lead generation according to opt-in principle

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