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Lead generation on landing page

Landing page with embed form (called Lead Generation landing page) is great tool to gain new leads. It’s used to obtain data about potential customers which are necessary to reach out to them with an offer.

List of parameters Synerise recognises:

  • name
  • phone
  • company
  • email address
  • house/ apartment number
  • sex
  • street
  • surename
  • tax identification number
  • zip code
  • country
  • consent to receive newsletters
  • general consent to receive marketing information
  • product opinion
  • product rating
  • registration


  • properly tagged forms posted on the landing page enable the collection of data directly into the CRM Synerise where you can properly manage the collected lead
  • with landing page you can collect leads from more places than your website

Synerise solution

To prepare lead generation landing page in Synerise, open landing page creator in the Campaign module. Choose Subscription from the left menu to open ready to use forms template.

lp2 Lead generation on landing page


Choose one of them, drag it and drop in the appropriate place in your landing page.

 lp2 Lead generation on landing page

You can prepare several types of forms on your landing page for example contact form, register or download form. All of them can collect different customer’s data and Synerise needs to know what type of data is sent to it every time someone fills the form. In order to track, collect and update customer’s data every form on your landing page should be properly described.

To do it open source code of your form and tag it:

  • first you need to define the type of the tracked form (use it to distinguish forms), to do it you need to insert a line in code which stars from <form …>, eg. <form action=”” method=”post” data-synerise=”contact”>
  • next you need to tag every field of your form by setting appropriate values in “data-synerise” in <input>

lp2 Lead generation on landing page

Now you just have to save changes.

Detailed information how to tag your forms you can find in Synerise API.

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