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Manage task permission

You can easily manage your work and projects, give permissions to your team, and set all important data about your task.


  • you can set all important data about every project, thanks to that – you have all necessary information in one place
  • no matter on how many issues you are working at the moment, you can create different projects and give permission to them to different people

Synerise solution

To give someone permission you have to add this person to your Synerise account. To do it – in settings (left down corner) choose “BUSINESS PROFILE” and category “USERS” below. Fill the box with the email address and wait for the confirmation.

Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-03-o-12.43.55 Manage task permission

Then, you can find this person on the list of users. To change the permission for your projects choose the category TASK in settings and then “ACCESS CONTROL LIST”.

In table you can check people which are permitted to see your projects. You can choose who has access to which project in task by checking or unchecking  the boxes.


Zrzut-ekranu-2016-08-03-o-12.43.55 Manage task permission


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