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PUSH messages templates creator

Synerise helps to create templates of different types of messages including PUSH, which are extremely important in the increasing role of the mobile market in sales. In few easy steps, you can create PUSH message template which can be used in your campaigns.


  • you will increase customers loyalty – send them a short message with predefined content, e.g.  remind them about upcoming promotions, notify the new collection or encourage to join your loyalty club
  • you will save your time – prepare your push message templates once, change some details and reuse it in the future
  • you can differentiate your offer and prepare better campaigns – in Synerise you can send push message to  all customers or you can target it to specific group of customers
  • you can prepare the best lead nurturing campaign – set push message as action in Automation rule, and deliver your message in the most appropriate time

Synerise solution

To prepare push message template go to the Synerise Settings and choose PUSH templates from left menu. Click Plus button to open edit window. Fill in the title of your template to easily differentiate tour templates, write your message and save it. A list of all created templates are visible in this section.

push_template PUSH messages templates creator

You can use PUSH templates in Automation module or create PUSH campaign in Campaign module.

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