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Using mobile app to send push campaign

You can send personalized message to customs who have your mobile application. PUSH campaign enable you to communicate with your custom’s through mobile phone. In this case is necessary to have permission for sending marketing communicates.

PUSH notification will open  in mobile application – so you can send it only to users who have access to internet/WiFi.


  • you can increase customs loyalty – sending them a short message with predefined content, e.g. remind them about upcoming promotions, notify the new collection or encourage to join your loyalty club
  • you will save your time – you need to prepare push message templates only once, and eventually change some details and reuse it in the future
  • you can differentiate your offer and prepare better campaigns – in Synerise you can send push message to all customs or you can target it to specific group of customers
  • you can prepare the best lead nurturing campaign – set push message as action in Automation rule, and deliver your message in the most appropriate time


Synerise solution

To prepare PUSH campaign you have to create the template first. More information about how to create it you can find here: PUSH messages templates creator

Then, choose the category Campaign from the menu bar and click “Push messages”.

Zrzut ekranu 2016-09-01 o 17.06.08

First of all you have to fill basic information about your campaign: title, and status (draft which you can use later, or new active campaign).

Zrzut ekranu 2016-08-10 o 10.12.28

Afterward, fill the information about notification.

  • message – add here the content of the message
  • after click open – set up what will happen if user click the notification. You can choose from few options: open URL, open promotion in application, open news in application, open pop up in application. After choosing the solution, you have to add specific attachment – template or image (in case of pop-up)
  • time to live – decide how long should the Push campaign be active
  • send date – start date of the campaign
  • send top device – you can choose the operation system ( iOS, Android or both)
  • recipients – choose the target. You can sen the message to specific segment, tag, smart list or to everyone
  • type message – pick out the type of the message between production or debug

Zrzut ekranu 2016-08-10 o 10.15.13

When you add all information – you can start the campaign or send test campaign if you like.

Moreover you can use PUSH message as an action in automation scenario (effect of specific custom’s online or offline activity). In this way you can create customers journeys. To create automation – choose the Automation category from menu on the left bar. Instruction you can find here: Sending automatic messages after specific custom’s action

All statistics you can find in Insights category when you choose and click Push messages.

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