Value Media and Synerise form strategic partnerships

We’re proud to announce that Synerise has become a strategic partner of Value Media – one of the biggest digital media agencies in Poland, the prize-winner of the Press’s Growth of the Year. Synerise will be its technological partner in the field of planning and measuring Value Media’s ROI.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recommends Synerise

Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, visited Poland on 29th March 2017 and met several clients and partners of Microsoft Poland. He was also the most important speaker at Var Sovia = new Tech() conference which gathered 500 programmers and IT specialists. Nadella presented Synerise at his keynote.

We build The Holy Grail Of Marketing – interview given by Jarosław Królewski

Read interview given by Jarosław Królewski after Synerise obtained capital for the development of a new product and introduction of the platform to the SME segment through private placement.

Omnichannel and data analysing in fashion business

In this article you can find GGC Fash&Tech conference summary where Bartłomiej German from Simple CP fashion brand presents how Synerise helps to collect and analyse data about customers to reach them with better and more personalised offer.

Synerise SA reached a 50M PLN valuation in two years

Synerise SA reached a 50M PLN valuation in two years. The recent stock offering successfully ended only a few days after announcement.

The company from Krakow (formerly known as HG Intelligence S.A.), operator of the platform, raised capital through a non-public, open issue of shares, to develop a new class of products and deliver their platform to the SME sector. is an enterprise class platform for large organizations, which allows them to undertake activities in the field of marketing automation, omnichannel systems and innovative data processing solutions. The tool provides means for integration of different channels of knowledge regarding the organization, its clients and their loyalty, towards the brand and facilitates strategic decision making with regards to marketing and sales forecasting.

The company was founded by Miłosz Baluś, Krzysztof Kochmański and Jarosław Królewski in July 2013 and it is one of the project supported by an investment from FZ KPT and Status Venture. In Q2 2014 it initiated the process of developing the unique technology which allows for combining data and utilises machine learning and artificial intelligence for the purpose of sales and marketing optimisation.

– We are a technology provider. Our clients, mainly major brands, the business environment, as well as numerous international tenders in which our bids have prevailed, are proof that today we already take a leading position in our segment due to our ambitious technological solutions, in which we invested a couple years ago – says Jarosław Królewski, Managing Director at Synerise S.A. – The capital raised through this stock offering will help to commercialize new solutions which we have been developing for some time now, particularly those related to such trending topics as marketing science and machine learning. The offering gained quite a public interest, this current issue of shares we managed to close very quickly on the Polish market, but it is highly probable that before the end of the year we will partner with an investor from abroad. Big Data is a peculiar kind of market segment, where projects developed on the basis of the lean startup (MVP) methodology often don’t hold water. It requires an engineering proficiency, the ability to forecast future requirement for resources and an everlasting propensity to experimenting. It creates value and a competitive advantage. We believe, that only scalable products, which aren’t attached to extensive call centers and client service departments, but defend themselves by providing quality and attention to detail. We often feel the lack of that in Poland – adds Królewski.

Synerise S.A. currently employs nearly 40 IT specialists. Their office is located in the newly opened Malopolska Information Technology Park, of which they are one of the major residents. Synerise is an Honorary Patron of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Association, it cooperates with universities, including AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow.

6th edition of Mobile Silesia conference with presentation by Jarosław Królewski

Jarosław Królewski CEO Synerise S.A. participated in Mobile Silesia – conference dedicated to mobile technologies. He had presentation “Omnichannel and Actionable Data in practice” in which he showed that to communicate with cusomers in efficient way we need to integrate all communication channels. In newspaper article below you can see who else took part in this event.

CIO Club meeting with Jarosław Królewski, CEO Synerise S.A.

During the CIO club meeting held on March, gathered discussed about the exciting digital problems of today’s and tomorrow’s. Futuristic theme attracted to the meeting a large audience, who could listen to a well-prepared speeches of speakers: Professor Krzysztof Śloty from the Institute of Applied Computer Science Lodz University of Technology, Marcin Charkiewicz a researcher from the department of Advanced Solutions at Orange and CEO of Synerise Jarosław Królewski, who talked about the potential and the future of the use of marketing that draw information from our individual and social behaviours.

Synerise makes online and offline life easier

Today’s IT systems are close to people. They are trying to understand human through examination of their movements in certain channels. This article shows how Synerise collects data in real-time, combines it with artificial intelligence, creating that way an offer tailored to the customer – not only offline but also online.

Synerise S.A. supports Technological and social aspects of XXI century conference

On March 3-4, 2016 at the Humanities Department at AGH (The University of Science and Technology) will be held the conference concerning changes taking place in contemporary society under the influence of modern technologies, which is supported by Synerise S.A.

Synerise S.A. was Beacon Valley Global Hackathon partner

People from 4 cities – Krakow,  London, New York, Guadalajara – took part in global, free-of-charged hackathon themed around smart cities and beacons. It was the first hackathon like this in the beacon industry.