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Data sources

Synerise is integratable with a lot of tools, which makes possible to get as much information about your customers as it is possible. You will collect data from offline as easily as from online, and there will be no delay in time.

Web tracking

Monitoring client's activity on websites is an important part of any marketing automation platform. With Synerise tracking codes you will find out who, how often, how and for what purpose visit your e-shop or product webpage. These are the key information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and sales strategies. Synerise is monitoring client's activity in real time, so you can analyze the behavior of individual client, which just have happened. Without any delay!

Mobile tracking

The reason why you need to track mobile devices is fundamentally the same as tracking clients in the online world. Specifically, you want to effectively manage marketing campaigns. You will peform better than your competitors when you are able to identify and track clients offline, because there is no doubt that it significantly increases power of mobile advertisement. Synerise uses GPS system to locate mobile devices in real time which helps you to perform efficient strategies.


Synerise is a complete platform, so we give you the possibility to use data from points of sale (POS). You get access not only to the usual information on the number of clients in store, but also find out how many of them return. You will be able to trace an individual path of the buyer due to the integration with the Synerise Beacons infrastructure. You will check to which store he entered, what products drew his attention, and even how was the weather that had accompanied him.


Beacons are low-cost, low-powered transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE (also called Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Smart) that can be used to deliver proximity-based, context-aware messages. They are perfect for detecting smartphones indoors, where GPS isn’t always effective, and sending alerts and data to apps on those devices. Also while GPS operates at a macro range, beacons work at micro range, giving you an opportunity to interact with clients not only at a store level but also target narrowly at an aisle or a fixture level. In terms of range, beacons function in the interim of NFC (too narrow) and GPS (too broad) ranges, and that is what makes it more effective than the other two. It’s the first proximity technology that is supported by all major mobile platforms. Apart from being inexpensive, they have a battery life of approximately two years and being low-energy, they don’t even eat into a user’s phone battery.


Local wireless networks (WiFi) currently fulfill an extremely important role. The use of WiFi technology give us possibility to send push notifications, on the other hand, to record events such as: the number of unique visitors in location, the number of passes by, the average time that clients spent in particular place or ratio of new to returning clients. The advantage of WiFi is also the universality of this solution. Integration of your WiFi network with Synerise is the fastest way to implement marketing automation in your business.


Short message service (SMS) is a helpful tool to realize marketing strategy. One of the great thing about SMS is that all mobile phones and smartphones are SMS enabled without installing special application, so that this is mobile channel that offers the widest reach possible. Customers can receive a short message with predefined content (coupons, hyperlinks etc.). Synerise, thanks to possibility of integration with SMS sending applications, can not only help you organize and effectively manage sms campaigns but also collect such feedback as who opened your message and when. That's why SMS is great for both - performing campaigns and gathering information about your clients.


Email can be an efficient way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your business, if you use it to send personalized messages, that contain important information. With Synerise you are able to do it because you can maintain there an email list that has been segmented based on several information received from web tracking, mobile tracking, WiFi. That allowes you to create and send out messages to specifically target members of your email list, providing them interesting content. But email also can provide some interesting information for your company. Data reaviling who opened your email and when, who clicked link attached in it can show you effectivnes of your campaigns and give you hints how to improve your strategy.


In fact you can obtain data from many more systems with API: analytical tools, price comparison tools, etc. You are able to do it because Synerise may be integrated with them, but API key is necessary for communication between Synerise and any other applications (mobile or desktop). After receving data from those systems, Synerise will analize them and prepare insights for you. Decide which source may give you important information for your company.