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As we have a lot of experience in new technologies we also want to share our knowledge through participation and organisation of many events.

    • 4th Innovative Economy Congress [May 2012]

      Jarosław Królewski CEO of Synerise S.A. , participated in the 4th Innovative Economy Congress, focused on finding the best solutions for the Polish economy. There were 700 participants, 35,000 online viewers, 80 speakers, 12 panels, many special guests and numerous remarkable people from the worlds of politics, science and business like Bronisław Komorowski, Marek Belka, Michał Boni and Jerzy Hausner.

    • [March 2013] M2M Orange conference 

      Miłosz Baluś, CTO of Synerise S.A., took part in the Cloud Solutions Conference in Kraków with a presentation about the future of SaaS and the prospects of cloud applications.

    • ArtBuzz [April 2013]

      ArtBuzz is a series of open, educational and interactive seminars about new technologies and the internet. Speakers are professionals with years of experience in their fields. Among them was Miłosz Baluś, CTO of Synerise S.A., with a presentation about Mobile Toolboxes.

    • [May 2013] Most Wanted GENERATION Y 

      During the Most Wanted GENERATION Y conference in May of 2013, Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise S.A., presented a discussion of the Internet of Things in practice. The conference was prepared by the Students Circle Network Meritum from the Jagiellonian University.

    • The M@il My Day [May 2013]

      The M@il My Day conference was dedicated to e-mail marketing. The event was held in May of 2013 in the Multikino cinema in Krakow. It was the first event of its kind in Poland, devoted entirely to the subject of e-mail marketing. The idea of the M@il My Day conference is share knowledge about e-mail marketing. The keynote speakers were: Paweł Sala, Paweł Tkaczyk and Jarosław Królewski, Synerise S.A. CEO, whose presentation was titled “Love It or Leave It” and focused on loyalty marketing and technology. Also, our CEO took part in the 2015 edition of the same conference.

    • [November 2014] KielceCom 

      KielceCom is a series of conferences that promotes technology news, research and marketing campaigns. On November 19, 2014 the main topic of this event was Big Data and Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise S.A., presented a discussion of Technology in the Context of Big Data and using microlocation to build customer loyalty.

    • Dark Side of UX [March 2015]

      We were a Gold Sponsor of the Dark Side of UX conference held on March, 28 2015 in Krakow and the second edition of this event, Dark Side of UX#2 – UX Machine on April, 16-17 2016. The conferences concerned such topics as design, User Experience and new technologies. Both events gathered great speakers and many participants, who could take part in presentations and workshops. Also, during the second day of Dark Side of UX#2 teams consisting of developers and UX specialists could prepare socially useful applications during a Mini Social Hackathon.

    • [April 2015] Marketing and Technology Congress? 

      In association with publishing group PWN we organized Marketing and Technology Congress which took place in April 16, 2015. This event was mainly the answer for the great popularity of “E-marketing” book which showed us that people need such a knowledge. Congress was specifically targeted to brand managers, marketing managers, product managers, marketing specialists, interactive managers, sale directors etc. because it focuses on such issues as ominichannel marketing, fast data, ambient intelligence and programmatic buying. Conference gathered more than 200 participants!

    • How to make money on mobile? [June 2015]

      At the How to Make Money on Mobile conference organized by Brief on June 30, 2015, Anja Uba, Head of Project Management in Synerise S.A., had a presentation about the Internet of Things and how it supports marketing efforts.

    • [October 2015] M2M Orange conference 

      Miłosz Baluś, CTO of Synerise S.A., had a presentation about Context – Aware Computing in Practice at the sixth edition the M2M Orange conference in Toruń. He spoke with other presenters from such companies as Orange, Intel, Gemalto.

    • KielceCom [February 2016]

      On February, 25 2016 we took part in another KielceCom event, where the main topic was e-commerce. During this event our Senior Product Manager Magdalena Urbaniak had a presentation on Omnichannel in ecommerce.

    • [March 2016] Technological and social aspects of XXI century 

      We supported the “Technological and Social Aspects of the 21st Century” conference held on March 3-5, 2016 at the Humanities Department at AGH (The University of Science and Technology). This event concerned changes that are taking place in contemporary society under the influence of modern technologies. Three days of great presentations, thematic panel discussions, hundreds of participants, and almost 150 speakers – among them well-known and respected scientists, social activists and representatives of the business world. We’re very proud to be a sponsor of this event.

    • Mobile Silesia [May 2016]

      Jarosław Królewski, CEO of Synerise S.A., participated in Mobile Silesia – a conference dedicated to mobile technologies, held on May, 13 2016. He had presentation about Omnichannel i Actionable Data in practice.

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