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We want to help people on their careers. The best way to do it is to boost people’s knowledge and skills, so they can cope with the needs of the contemporary work market. For the last few years, people who stand behind Synerise, have dedicated thousands of hours to help many students at the AGH Faculty of Humanities in Krakow. Education is our common successes.

We get awards for innovation in education

We share mutual ambitions with the AGH Faculty of Humanities to connect humanistic approach with technology. The effects are amazing. Due to our support in the process of creating an MA studies programme (titled E-economy), the Faculty has received a one million zloty grant from the Minister of Science and Higher Education! This is an important award, but our involvement is far greater.

Digital Marketing WH AGH

Till now we have been involved in many educational projects. Members of Synerise Team are responsible for the Digital Marketing WH AGH postgraduate studies. We have been able to create a great programme and invite more than 50 experts from the best companies like: Brand24 (Michal Sadowski), PBI/Gemius (Andrzej Garapich, PhD), mobee dick (Monika Mikowska), MIDEA (Paweł Tkaczyk), FreshMail (Paweł Sala), Content King (Barbara Stawarz) and more. In 2016, we will celebrate the 5th anniversary of our postgraduate studies which has almost 250 graduates from Poland and the farthest parts of Europe. The high quality of studies are confirmed by a growing number of candidates and recommendation of IAB Poland.

Do you want to try?

What is more, we have contributed to the Employer Branding and Social Media & Content Marketing postgraduate courses at AGH Faculty of Humanities. Especially our CEO - Jarosław Królewski, but also - Miłosz Baluś - Synerise CTO.

Social Informatics

In October 2016, together with AGH Faculty of Humanities, we are launching a new field of study - Social Informatics - the field of study is located in the area of ​​interdisciplinary research between social sciences and information technology, primarily in terms of data collection, on which you can explore phenomena and processes of social and cultural aspects, as well as modern design and ergonomic systems. Studies will focus on multidimensional relationship between man and computer (called human -computer interaction). Study programme combines the humanities and social knowledge and information technology in order to better understand the phenomena of social and cultural relations between the social world and virtual environment.
Jarosław Królewski took part in the project „The School of New Media” in Katowice, which is addressed to people who want to gain a qualification in the field of Internet marketing. The project consists of 32 lessons, each lasting 4 hours. After graduation of the semester, each participant receives a certificate. Classes are conducted by the best specialists in Poland. The CEO HG Intelligence led a course entitled "Omnichannel Marketing - multiple channels, one message".
He aimed to show the nuances of working on projects that are characterized by activities between channels, online and offline; explanation of the difference between omnichannel and multichannel; to show how to enter omnichannel strategy and how to integrate the different channels of knowledge about customers.