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One of fields where Synerise popularizes knowledge about new technology is through publication of educational materials, including books.

Our team consists of people who are lecturers at universities.

Their everyday job in our office is working with new technologies, where they gain. Supported with solid practice, knowledge they share. That is why books they write, can be used in work related to marketing, as well as during studies at universities.


"E-marketing" by Jarosław Królewski (our CEO), Paweł Sala (CEO Freshmail) and 31 other co-authors, well known in marketing industry, contains valuable tips and lessons from working on projects of many experienced practitioners in the interactive industry. The reader of this book, learns ​​trends in online marketing and can easily see that the modern marketer is a person who loves technology, who is open, creative and inspiring to novelties. The book also gives substantial support that can be helpful with selecting the most effective methods of implementation marketing campaigns in the Internet.

E-marketing was nominated for the Mobile Trends Award  for the popularization for mobile technologies and techniques.

E-marketing has been sold in thousands of copies and got many positive and warm reviews. After its big succes in May, 2016 has been published second edition of this book. You can find there updated texts concerning marketing in Internet written by 33 authors.

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To make reading more attractive, and to help understand the capabilities of augmented reality, we have built a mobile application linked up with the book. This application let you know about the authors of the book too!


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