Should you and your customer be afraid of beacons? 6 questions to dispel your doubts.

Recently, beacons have become a part of many discussions about new technologies. We hear a lot about the applications of these little transmitters in various industries. They help to sell, they navigate where GPS loses its capabilities, they support the tourism industry, hotel industry and others. Because they send a signal to a Bluetooth mobile […]


The first implementation of the BLE (Beacon) technology in the RETAIL segment in Poland

Gino Rossi S.A. has implemented an omnichannel Synerise platform developed by HG Intelligence S.A. (hgintelligence.com) which allows for the integration of online and offline marketing and sales activities. The Synerise platform uses Kontakt.io beacons for micro-location solutions. The platform uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology not only to communicate current discounts and promotions but also to […]