Creating a new way to see the world of technology and science.

We are Synerise.

Founded in  2013 in Krakow, with offices in Poland and departments all over the world, Synerise is an award-winning ecosystem. We invest offensively into intellectual property focus on evolving technology, equipping new generations with knowledge. 
Our team consequently brings technology change to the business world and instead of following known paths, we are creating a new one – a next-generation, fully personalized and AI-driven customer experience. Our tool is all-in-one, ever-evolving data platform, enhanced by AI to accelerate the growth of your company and designed to generate outstanding ROI.


We work with ambitious businesses to accelerate their growth.

We want to collaborate with entrepreneurs, teams and businesses dedicated to rapidly improving customer satisfaction. Together, we can achieve results that impact the bottom line. 

Our values

# When we communicate, discuss and make the decisions we use facts and our best knowledge

# We apply our best knowledge, skills and experience to develop the best possible quality solution

# We reach for the knowledge of our colleagues and other teams to use it as a team

# We learn from our mistakes and we commit not to repeat any mistake twice

# We continuously develop our knowledge, skills and competencies, in both our field (specialization) and the areas in which the company is growing

We want to bridge the gap between modern customer expectations and the technological capabilities of companies

That is why we work with business champions who have a vision that goes beyond the status quo as well as courage and boldness to define how business will look in the future.

What impact we want to make?

  • For Clients

    We partner with our clients to make them ready to embrace technological liberation and to integrate it into their business models so they delight customers, outpace competitors and realise outstanding value in a fast and scalable way.

    • For Employees

      We encourage our employees to be brave and fast. We empower our employees to dare greatly, to never work, drop every routine, to ever-evolve by stretching boundaries of what’s possible both personally and professionally. We want our employees to inspire others to live great quality live.

      • For Partners

        We bring the innovation capabilities to create new kind of partnerships with your customers to deliver GROWTH in a short time on the consumer market.

        • For Society

          We solve innovation debt of societies in a conscious and responsible way by providing open ecosystem of top-notch tech, data science and AI solutions.

          The courage to move ahead


          Those who work with momentum break the status quo and develop in a unique and pioneering way. We partner with our clients to make them ready to embrace technological liberation and to integrate it into their business models. This empowers them to make customers happy, outpace competitors and achieve outstanding value in a fast and scalable way.

          Trusted by

          We believe that people are the key to success and we feel proud every time when someone new is joining

          I'm proud that we have a product that provides a clear value to our customers, and our customers are excited about it! And that we're continuing to grow that product in a rapid, but thoughtful way.

          Krzysztof Blusz
           - Global Expansion Director


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          Microsoft Poland Partner of the Year 2019

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          30 Global Innovative and Technology High Growth Start-Ups

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          CEE x-Tech Awards - AI Innovation of the Year

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          TIME 11th Economic Forum – Polish ICT Company of the Year