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 Behavioral Intelligence & Analytics

Connect any internal or external data to understand your business better thanks to scalable real-time data analysis.

Behavioral Intelligence Analytics - Synerise

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core features

Turn your data into insights

Real-time data processing

Use a lightning-fast proprietary database that delivers results in real-time, allowing you take advantage of every opportunity at scale.

Advanced metrics

Use the most important suggested KPI's or create your own based on the needs and goals you want to achieve.

Churn analytics

Uncover why your customers want to leave and improve client retention by predicting and reducing churn.

AI-driven segmentation

Create behavioral segments, compare them with each other and draw deep conclusions for the future.

Custom reports

No matter what your analytical needs, generate reports in seconds thanks to a drag and drop campaign report creator.

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Blurred imageCustom metrics
Blurred imageChurn analytics
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Blurred imageCustom reports
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Selected features

  • Funnel analytics

    Understand customer movement along the entire shopping path and improve efficiency of current implemented marketing strategies.

  • Geoanalytics

    Send targeted campaigns to people in a specific territory and collect non-trivial insights based on your client current location.

  • Campaign analytics

    What can be measured can be managed - analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and check which decisions proved to be right and what needs a slight improvement.

  • Flexible imports and exports

    Import any historical data directly to heterogenic real-time database in a few clicks.

  • Two way API connection

    Almost unlimited capabilities allow you to connect any data you need to the platform or send it directly to your existing systems.

  • Advanced performance measurment

    Use fully configurable and responsive reporting options containing pre-made templates suitable for achieving your most important goals.