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Synerise lets you create coupons which can be used in any channel for example in your mobile app or on a web page.

You can integrate with our coupon system using API or Magento plugin (see reference).


In our APIdoc you will find two sections considering coupons, one – Admincoupon will guide you through administrating coupons for example creating coupons through API, getting it’s details or updating them. The other one, Coupon describes how coupons are used by clients and with these methods you can assign a coupon to a client.

Since October 2016 we’ve upgraded Coupons API to version 3.0.0 please use it.

Synerise Coupon API allows you to use several types of coupons:

  • friendly code

For coupons with a common code like SALE20%. Every client who knows this code will be able to use the coupon and get a discount.

  • individual code

For coupons with an individual barcode (EAN13 standard). The individual code can be of strict use (bound with client’s ID).

  • with/ without earlier activation

This option is useful for coupons with a time limit for example, once a client activates a coupon he can redeem it for a limited time.

  • with/without limit

Every coupon can be set with a global activation limit which describes the number of activations or with a reedem per client limit which stands for number of times a customer can use a coupon.


There are three basic methods that should be integrated to use coupons in your online store.

Remeber to provide in header following information:

  • Content-Type: application/json
  • Api-Version: 3.0.0
  • Api-Key: your business profile api key. Be aware that some methods require an api key with admin or client/batch scope.
  1. Get coupon info

This method will return all information describing a specific coupon. To use it you should know the coupons uuid (you can get this information form Synerise/Campaign/Coupons or using method: Get Coupons).


As you can see you will get all necessary information to recount the client’s cart.

2. Activating coupon

If you are using coupons which have an individual barcode and are strict use or have a limited redeem time you’ll probably want to use this method which:

  • generates an individual barcode and assigns it to a specific customer

You should provide client’s token, uuid, email or customIdentify in params. If not then the coupon won’t be assigned to a client and musn’t be strict use.

  • starts counting down the redeem time limit



3. Redeeming coupon

Using this method will set the client’s coupon as used. This means you will see in client’s panel and in coupons stats that a coupon was used.

If the coupon is a no redeem limit coupon client will be able to use it as many times as he or she wants but if there is a limit, after exceeding the limit amount the method will return that coupon was already used.