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Importing existing clients

You can import your existing client database to Synerise using a CSV file. Go to CRM list in Synerise and click the import button, you will see the import form.

Choose import type: clients then choose the CSV file from your hard drive. After uploading the file set the column delimiter used in that file. If your file has a header line you can skip it, you can also add a tag to all the imported clients.

The last step is checking if you want to set marketing agreement on for all imported clients.

After clicking “Import” the system will show you columns from your file, you must map them to Synerise client data fields to proceed with the import. Only the email field is obligatory without this Synerise won’t be able to create a client. Any other fields can be skipped or you can add your own fields.

Synerise will skip duplicated or broken lines so the total number after import can vary. You can check the progress in Settings > Reports