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POS coupon integration

This solution allows your customers to use Synerise generated coupons both in e-shop and offline store and provides full data analysis which is one of the biggest challenges in omni channel marketing.

Your ERP system should be able to communicate with Synerise in order to:

  1. check if there are any active coupons for a specific customer
  2. send to Synerise information that a coupon was used

To check for available coupons use Loyalty and Engagement method which requires providing one of the following parameters:

  • email
  • customIdentify
  • barcode
  • location ID

The first three will return coupons available for a specific customer, the fourth one – coupons available in a given location.




Having all information about a coupon you ERP should be able to recount the POS transaction.

When you want to finalise the transaction and send to Synerise information that the client used a coupon then use redeeming coupon method.