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Products and categories

You can connect Synerise with your products database using an xml file.

The file should be available online under a specific and unchangeable URL. Synerise imports that file several times an hour to keep all product and categories info up to date.

Go to Settings > Items and click Import products button. Then just paste the URL in the Product Catalog module.

Formats of xml file

xml file example in Ceneo format:

You can also manage the categories and order of products display. To do this, create a secondary xml. Thanks to this solution you can add more attributes of product also. Note that the primary xml file with Ceneo format must be nested in the second file. Look at example below.

Additional information about the requirements of the xml file

Products in Synerise distinguish by SKU which if not provided will be replaced by the products ID. If you want to use a different value than SKU or ID you can decelerate it as a attribute “sku”:

<product id=”43660″>


        <attribute name=”sku”>OSD17160-D0899-00001</attribute>

        <attribute name=”name”>Sukienka</attribute>               



The other attributes as used as following:

1. catalog\products – list of available products

    1.1 xmlUrl – Synerise works with Ceneo XML format if you have a Ceneo feed please paste it in this attribute

2. catalog\products\product

    2.1 id – unique product identifier. It can be in any format e.g. SKU, EAN. If using Ceneo file both id should be the same

3. catalog\products\product\categories – list of categories wher the product is visible

4. catalog\products\product\categories\category

    4.1 id – category ID (see below)

    4.2 order – product order in category

5. catalog\products\product\attributes – product’s attributes, must be given a a key: value. If the same attribute occures also in Ceneo feed it will be replaced with the value from catalog.xml

6. catalog\products\product\attributes\attribute

    6.1 value – attribute’s value