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PHP SDK enables you to track events as transactions, carts or create/update clients. This is the most convenient method for sending transaction data to Synerise.

Requirements, implementation and examples can be found here.

After installing the library you are free to send carts and transaction.

Let’s start with the transaction event. The JSON for this should look like the example below:

Remember to send as much data about the events as possible. The transaction event when properly sent gives Synerise full knowledge of the transaction and client. Omitting a tag can cause you won’t be able to create client segments or automations based on that tag.

If you aren’t able to fill all the JSON tags with data, for example there was no discountPrice for a transaction or you just don’t use that kind of data in your bussiness, skip that tag.

The minimum information you should send are:

  • $orderID
  • $totalAmount
  • products :
    • $name
    • $sku
    • $quantity
    • $regularPrice
  • $productsQuantity
  • $currency
  • $type
  • $source

The $ before key means that this key is special for Synerise and will be processed in different way for example $imageUrl will be shown on the interface with the transaction details as a thumbnail.

You can add your own key and values to the transaction params see below:

The custom attributes will be visible on the interface and you will be able to create segments using them.

The same rules consider sending cart events. Look at the examples: