Workflow Automation

Save time and boost efficiency to eliminate workflow chaos by using advanced automation tools and technologies.

Workflow automation - Synerise

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core features

Automated experiences

Process automation

Automate customer journeys based on events, enrich and synchronize data between all of your systems.

Webhooks integration

Start any business process by sharing data about specific activities with external systems.

Journey analytics

Monitor the results of all activities in prepared scenarios in a handy analytical panel. Use this data for understanding and optimizing the process.

Intuitive journey builder

Create a scenario using a simple drag and drop tool, set triggers, conditions and actions.

Complex system with easy integration

Connect extensive systems with ease thanks to elastic workflow integrations.

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Blurred imageComplex system with easy integration
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Selected features

  • Flow controls

    Personalize category and brand listings with client-tailored recommendations, enhancing their visibility across the entire store.

  • Real-time dashboards

    Create custom dashboards containing all current data. Use it in real-time at scale, analyze and gather insghts - all to improve your strategic decisions.

  • Custom nodes

    Create new nodes from the start, publish them and enrich the Automation by adapting it to your needs.

  • Scenario validation

    Receive an notification about logical errors in the built scenario.

  • Automated A/B testing

    Increase the most important KPI’s with automated product selection based on user behavior and purchase histories.

  • Two way API connection

    Almost unlimited capabilities allow you to connect any data you need to the platform or send it directly to your existing systems.