2nd quarter of 2021 - Synerise Roundup

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2nd quarter of 2021 -  Synerise Roundup

We’re back with a summary of the 2nd quarter of 2021! Summer months turned out to be quite a busy for us, so check out the outcome of our work.

IAM for applications

This quarter was marked with the release of a feature that allows Synerise users to manage the identity and access to their own applications. What exactly does this mean?  

Screen presents the IAM tab for the application which includes access management, 3-step verification, and access control panel.

It means that Synerise offers IAM as a Service (IAMaaS) capability where you can benefit from a two-package option in one feature:  

  1. Registration as a service (RaaS) which makes it possible for Synerise users to implement features related to the management of the accounts registered in their apps through Synerise REST API and Mobile SDK. The feature package includes settings configurations such as enabling a registration mode (directly on the interface!) so you can decide whether a user account is active right away and whether email confirmation or account activation is needed. You can also configure loyalty card number assignment by account registration or define JWT lifespan. The real icing on the cake is the possibility to establish your own password policy and to configure access control features which let you verify sign-ins from unknown devices and 3-level account ban after a defined number of failed log-in attempts.
  2. Authentication as a service (AaaS) provides the possibility to authenticate users, giving access to vast amounts of resources in the Synerise Growth Cloud Ecosystem through an external Identity Provider. Users authenticated through external services have their permissions elevated and are able to use the same resources as the ones who use the RaaS capability mentioned earlier. Currently, we support authentication through:
  • OAuth (which is any external Identity Provider)
  • Apple (the Sign in with Apple option)
  • Facebook
  • Google (planned in the future)

You can find IAM for applications in the Synerise application in the Settings module. More information about IAM for application is available in our documentation and on our blog post


The next big news is the onboarding module available for all users of the Synerise application.  

Screen presents a new section in Synerise with onboarding materials gathered in a few lessons.

Onboarding contains task-oriented lessons, so you learn and perform steps that need to be done while launching the application for the first time. For those who want to go deeper, the lessons are supplemented with additional materials. It doesn’t matter if you are a new joiner or a pro - everybody can go through these lessons. For the time being, there are 3 lessons available, but new ones are coming really soon! To access onboarding, click the rocket icon on the navigation bar on the top of the page.  

New nodes in Automation  

The Automation module allows Synerise users to build a variety of workflows on the basis of a vast collection of building nodes. We’re thrilled to announce that we have expanded this collection with two new nodes – Business Filter and Scheduled Run.  

Business Filter 

Business Filter can be used only with the workflows that start with the Business Event trigger. In the settings of the filter, users can indicate the parameter passed through incoming integrations or parameter values which automatically become a condition necessary for the further progression of the workflow. 

Screen presents a new, business filter available in the system in the automation module.

Scheduled Run 

This node lets you define the time and date your workflow is launched. This way you can indicate both the point in time and the time range of your workflow. It is particularly useful in the case of repeatable workflows that function as integrations, and in the near future – data imports and exports. 

Insert-related improvements in webhooks 

Staying on the subject of the Automation module, Synerise users can make use of the list of inserts (Jinjava tags) right next to the body request field. We hope this improvement will enhace the experience of preparing webhook bodies.  .  

Screen presents Insert-related improvements in webhooks section in Synerise

To reach the insert list all you have to do is log in to the Synerise application, go to the Automation module and prepare an outgoing integration. 

Additionally, from now on Synerise users can use the Jinjava tag that adds the AI recommendations (v2). All they have to do is add the {% recommendations3 campaignId=identifierofrecommendations %} tag in the settings of the node. One of the benefits is the possibility to send AI recommendations in all channels available in the Automation module. 

New recommendation type 

Recently, the range of the recommendation (v2) types has been enlarged with Item comparison and Recent interactions. 

  • Item comparison - This recommendation type allows you to display products similar to the currently viewed product and on the top of that, it includes a comparison of attributes and parameters of these recommended products to the viewed product. It basically means, that your customers don’t have to jump between tabs to see the most crucial parameters and compare them.  

The Item comparison recommendation includes the table that brings all attributes you select for a quick and convenient comparison of offers.   

  • Recent interactions – This type of recommendation allows to promote items towards which the customers performed a specific action and it’s you who select the action. Apart from these most common, such as a visit to the item page, adding the item to the cart, marking the item as favorite, or purchase, you can select any measurable event related to items you sell. How to choose the action, you may ask. You only need to create an aggregate that groups the items based on the selected events, so later the AI engine can pick the items out of those defined in the aggregate.   

Promotions triggered by the cart value 

Have you ever wanted to create a promotion in Synerise that is available for the customer only if their basket value exceeds a defined price? We have great news! From now on, it’s possible! Just log in to the Synerise app, go to Promotion and choose the promotion for selected items (it’s only available for this promotion type).  

Enhanced promotions for an entire basket

We made improvements to the entire basket option so now you can: 

  • Run multiple promotions for the entire basket at the same time without promotion overlapping, 
  • Define the order of calculating promotions on the basis of priority or discount value, 
  • Create a promotion for a group of products in the basket with an event discount distribution among items in the basket. 

AI Search improvements 

AI Search wasn’t left out during our works. We added some touches that we hope will add up to your experience with the search. Let’s start with the improvements in query rules filtering – now, the filter returns up to 500 distinct attribute values. If there are more distinct values for an attribute and the desired value does not appear in the results, you can input the value manually. 

The other improvements include query Rules filter logic operator – if two query rules match a given phrase, the filters between the query rules are combined with the OR logic operator. The last, but not least, returned facets in the search response now contain the top 50 distinct attribute values.  

New aggregate types 

From now on, you have the possibility to create aggregates that return the most popular (TOP) or the rarest occurrences (BOTTOM) of an event value in the context of a specific user. You no longer need to do it through reports! Use TOP while creating an aggregate and get to know the most often visited brands, the most popular item category, just to name a few examples.   

Reporting section 

This month we enriched the Settings module with a Reporting section. It contains information about your consumption of events and API endpoints.

The screen shows the refreshed appearance of the reporting section

 The reason we introduced it was to give you access to a transparent preview of data you produce and use. This way you can monitor, control, optimize and avoid exceeding the limits defined in your subscription plan.  

Refreshed API keys interface 

From now on, Synerise users can create API keys on a redesigned interface. Apart from assigning permissions to an API key, users have the possibility of creating a whitelist, blacklist, and IP-allow list for a created API key.  

Screen presents the refreshed look of the API-Key generation page.

Take a look at other improvements: 

  • Enhanced preview of recommendations v2 – Synerise users can check the preview of the items displayed in the recommendation for an individual customer. From now on, they can choose the response attributes available in the preview. 
  • Increased sign limit for URL in the mobile push notification wizard - We increased the character limit for the Deep linking and Open URL options in the drag & drop wizard for the mobile push notifications! From now on, users can paste links which are 500 characters long. 
  • New SMS gateway – Redlink - Synerise users can make use of a new SMS gateway - Redlink. You can find this integration in the App&Services section. 

Hungry for more? 

We serve a daily portion of news on our release notes website. Visit the page and keep up to date with the news, improvements and bug fixes in our app!  

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