Boost your recommendation results

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Boost your recommendation results

Every company would like to provide their customers with an excellent experience, and personalized recommendations are one of the most powerful tools that can help achieve this goal.

We all know that well-tailored recommendations play a significant role in a company's sales performance, but they also increase the customer's satisfaction and engagement in the buying process. 

In order to create such recommendations, marketers should use platforms that use advanced recommendation algorithms, which can provide solutions for creating recommendations that enable the company to achieve its short- and long-term goals.  

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At Synerise, we know what the main challenges and needs are in today's fast-changing environment, which is why we are enhancing our platform with new features that will help you create even more comprehensive campaigns with results that align with your business goals. 

Today we would like to introduce you to a new recommendation feature that allows you to influence the recommendation algorithms and thus align them with your business strategy. 


Boosting recommendation results

The new recommendation boosting feature gives you even more flexibility to create recommendations tailored to your business needs. 

You have a direct influence on the results of the recommendations by defining factors for boosting filters that help you display specific products with a certain frequency.

Following this logic, for example, you can reinforce specific brands in recommendations, to influence the position and visibility of the promoted brand's products, without limiting access to choose from other brands. 

It is important to mention that you can promote but also demote some items based on defined criteria, which gives you even more flexibility and power in affecting the recommendation results. By demoting certain items, such as low-margin products, you give them a lower score, thus lowering their position in customer recommendations. This option allows you to create advanced scenarios where the sky is the limit! 

Some important highlights

  • Boosting can be used in all recommendation types,
  • You can boost any customer attribute or any product feature - it all depends on your current needs,
  • Up to five rules can be set in boosting for each campaign,
  • Possibility of applying different boosting strategies depending on the selected segment.


What are the main benefits of using the boosting option?

  • You can influence the frequency of displaying items with specific features,
  • Knowledge of algorithms and coding skills is not required to influence the recommendations displayed,
  • Greater flexibility to execute sophisticated recommendation scenarios with amazing business results.

Have you already come up with an interesting scenario for your next recommendation campaign? We have prepared some inspiring use cases for you that showcase some useful scenarios that you may want to implement in your campaigns. Let us jump to them! 


Discover our new Use Cases

Promote or demote products depending on margin

One of the overriding business goals is to maintain the highest possible level of margin on sales, which can sometimes conflict with recommendation algorithms. You can use margin information from your product feed to promote products with high margins and demote those with low margins.  

Promote discounted items to customers at risk of churn

You can use the prediction module to create a broader customer context by predicting churn probability and making more advanced recommendations. Using this information, you can promote products at a discount to customers with a high likelihood of churn without limiting the scope of the offer. 

Promote a brand in recommendations

Personalized recommendations can be an important part of product navigation, allowing you to build customer journey paths, but can also be used as a paid e-merchandising space, where you can boost a specific brand by influencing its display position in personalized recommendations. 

Promote a customer's favorite brand

Use the knowledge about the customer's favorite brand to prepare personalized recommendations. Increase the relevance of the brand attribute by influencing the algorithm that suggests recommended products. 

Develop your recommendations by using our new boosting feature and improve your business results!

Visit our User Guide for more details.