Enriching events on the fly

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Enriching events on the fly

Analytics has become a buzzword these days, and every company, regardless of size, is looking for the best analytics tools to most effectively use the data they have to make informed business decisions.

If you are working with large amounts of data, you should know how to use analytics otherwise, you will not be able to take advantage of the insights that may be hidden in it. In-depth data analysis allows you to better understand your customers' needs and preferences, but it also makes it easier to build an effective business strategy to help your company grow and stand out from the competition. 

Businesses are under constant pressure to deliver new and innovative solutions due to increasing competition and customers who are demanding more than ever before. If you want to unleash the potential of your data and create real time analytics that gives you valuable insights about your customers, check out Synerise's unique solution for enriching customer events in real time. Sounds interesting, right? Keep reading if you want to take advantage of this feature and use it to create real time analytics, drawing valuable business insights. 

How can you enrich your events? 

All events stored in each customer's profile are related to their behavior and activity on your website, mobile app or any other touchpoint with the company. Each of these events consists of parameters that include the presentation of detailed information about this event in various aspects. More detailed information about events can be found here.

With these events, you can create advanced analytics to meet your campaign goals and analyze company performance. The Synerise Analytics module offers a wide range of analytics types that you can create separately, but also combine their capabilities for even more personalized analytics results. One such example is enriching your events on the fly to drive unusual analytics and campaigns. 

Examples of use

Identify products purchased at a promotional price

A good example of the application of such capabilities is finding products that have been purchased by customers at a discounted price. If the user does not send information that the product has been discounted as an additional parameter added to the transaction event, we can pull this information on the fly from other parameters in the event. An intelligent combination of two parameters extracted from an event can be used in an enumeration expression designed to find products purchased at a discount. 

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This information can be very useful for creating segments of customers who buy discounted products, allowing you to target them with relevant product offers in the future. To learn more about how to create such analytics and how to use them to make smart business decisions, check out our Use Case.

Calculate the value of all sold items

Planning effective marketing campaigns is only possible when you have the most precise information about the results of your past actions. Analytics is a key component to reliably analyze consumer behavior.  

Synerise's Analytics module allows you to continuously enrich your events with the values that are important to you in this case.  

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When multiple items of the same product are purchased in a single transaction, you can use Synerise's event expression capabilities to calculate the value of all the products purchased. With an event expression, you can multiply the number of products purchased by their price, taking these parameters from a single event, and then enrich the metric that counts the value of all products sold with this expression.    

For details on creating such analytics, see this Use Case

Calculate transactions with the use of promotional codes

With the advanced capabilities of the Synerise platform, you are able to handle the various difficulties that may arise on your own. Without the help of developers and simply using the full power of Synerise, you can find the best solutions for your tasks using our Analytics module.  

In case you are uploading data from an offline store about burned promotions, but the data is uploaded in a bad format, and you want to analyze which promotions your customers have used - you can use Synerise to organize this data without having to change the integration, which could be quite an expensive solution.  

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If you want to learn how to modify the data provided in transactional events for campaign analytics, we encourage you to read our Use Case, which details how you can proceed in this case. 

What are the benefits of event enrichment opportunities? 

  • Improving already collected data without incurring additional costs of developing changes 

The data collected on the platform provides a basis for making the desired changes to that data in the platform itself, without the need to use other tools, which incurs additional costs for such needs. 

  • Enriching events with valuable information without involving developers 

The advanced capabilities of the Synerise platform allow for greater flexibility and greatly accelerate needed changes and save time in engaging additional parties to meet new needs as they arise. 

  • Make the most of your data 

Harness the full potential of your data and create powerful analyses tailored to your needs by augmenting existing events with analyses created using your own formulas and calculations, allowing you to extract the most valuable information from your data that you can use to make sound business decisions.   

  • Make informed decisions 

By enriching events with other analytics that are calculated in real time, you will get the results you want, based on which you can make informed decisions that work best for your business. 

  • Advanced product management 

Keep track of all the products your company offers and analyze which ones are most popular based on factors you decide to measure, such as region, season, number of total purchases of a particular type of product, etc. With this information, you can target the right products at the right time to the right customers. 

  • Save costs and increase profits 

Enrich your events, analyze your final results, gain better business insights and increase profits by making smart strategic decisions that boost your business.  


Synerise gives you the powerful ability to work with data in a way that is not offered and discovered by other companies. By taking advantage of our unique solutions and enriching your events, you are sure to be ahead of your competition because you have the ability to perform all the necessary calculations in real time with one tool and get instant results that you can implement in your campaigns right away. If you want to go beyond the limits of what everyone knows about data analytics, you have the opportunity, so what are you waiting for?