Synerise AI Search engine getting even smarter

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Synerise AI Search engine getting even smarter

There is no doubt that a powerful search engine translates into higher conversions, increased revenue, and improved overall customer experience. This is a key technology that, when configured cleverly and logically, can have a significant impact on business results.

We have created several new advanced features to make your search engine smarter and more advanced than ever before. By taking advantage of these new features, you can tailor your search engine to be perfectly suited to your business goals. 

Let us dive into more details. 

What are the advanced options? 

Matching words

What if you could control how words would be matched to the query phrase? This would certainly be a great opportunity to control the search results by matching the settings to your business goals. 

With word matching, you can be restrictive about how many words from a phrase an item must contain to be returned in search results - the decision is yours. 

There are 4 ways to configure, to learn more about these options, visit our User Guide.


If a customer enters "blue shoes" in a search, the search will by default return items that are blue shoes, but further down in the results may also return items that are shoes or blue items. By setting the word match to "All words should match" you can ensure that only items that contain all the words from the query are returned, which in this example is only a blue shoes.

Brak alternatywnego tekstu dla tego zdjęcia

Handling typos and missing words 

Everyone makes mistakes - that is why it is important to show results, even if what the customer typed in is far from perfect. Here are new settings to help you influence the search engine's approach to dealing with typos and missing words. 

When a word from the phrase cannot be found in the search attributes, you can decide whether the search engine should consider primarily the popularity of your items when searching for a substitute or focus more on accuracy and the fewest errors. 

Now you can decide the number of errors allowed when suggesting a substitute word, which gives you even more freedom to configure your search engine by customizing its results according to your needs. 

Adjust scoring methods 

Influence how the search engine will score the items' relevance to the searched phrase thanks to the following scoring methods: 

Ranking function 

Use an adjustable ranking function to better calculate the item's relevance to a customer’s query. 

Tie breaker 

Adjust the weight of the components of the overall item score, corresponding to the searchable attributes importance level. 

Indexing improvements 

Specify how the words are separated. 

If your attributes contain levels in their values, specify how they are separated. Starting with white spaces and ending with custom separators. 

Important highlight 

We recommend that you start by familiarizing yourself with the basic search options, their configuration and operation. Later, when the search engine has been running for a while and you want to test the new settings, you should move on to the advanced options that will enhance and improve the already stable search engine. 

What is more, we strongly encourage you to test different settings using A/B testing to decide which approach is most effective for you and what changes to your search you would like to make. 

Manage advanced AI search options and create even more customized results for your customer's individual preferences and your business needs! 

For more detailed information, visit our User Guide.