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Artificial Intelligence Will Not Replace Marketers - See Why

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Artificial Intelligence Will Not Replace Marketers - See Why

Dear Marketer, you know that Artificial Intelligence is taking over, right? You probably want to learn how much of an impact it may have on your department and how to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges. If you’re anxious about how you’ll fit in to this new world, you’re in the right place.

But AI is futuristic science fiction, right?

No offense, but if you still think so, you have some catching up to do. AI is not some plot device from a sci-fi movie. It’s very much alive and developing rapidly, transforming many industries, including marketing. The size of the AI market, according to Statista, should reach an unbelievable $36.8 billion by 2025. AI is definitely a thing now. And the disruption it’s causing extends to basic questions about the role of people in marketing.

Who will be replaced by AI?

One recent study by McKinsey says that over 30% of all American jobs will disappear due to automation by 2030. So who’s going to have a robotic boss? The demand for office workers, including anyone involved in administrative tasks, could fall by 20%. This represents tens of millions of people. How will AI impact marketing jobs? Well, it depends on the role.

Like telemarketers, individuals who deal with the analysis of data for marketing purposes or community management may soon be replaced by algorithms. The use of technologies like big data, chatbots and voice assistants is becoming increasingly common. And what about marketing managers? Research indicates that only 1.4% of them will lose their jobs in favor of new technologies, with those not living up to their potential the most vulnerable.

Will Artificial Intelligence replace marketers?

There is a small chance that as a marketer you will lose your job through artificial intelligence. It is much more likely that you will remain on your position, but your actions will be less effective than competitors. Therefore, the long-term perspective is that you will lose your job anyway, but for other reasons, namely the lack of efficiency required by the management board. To make it clear, you will reach the aftermath of AI entry into your market. So what do you have to do to not be left behind?

AI and marketers – friends or foes?

I think the quote below, authored by Bill Gates, explains it all:

The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.

With this fact in mind – what’s the next step for you? Get familiar with artificial intelligence and discover the benefits of using it before others do. Today, thanks to the help of algorithms, you can significantly simplify your work and focus on strategies and creative work areas. Let’s see how AI can make a marketer’s life easier:

Create advanced customer segments in real time

Data processing software will record every interaction and behavior of your potential customer. Page visits, email subscriptions, time spent on page, clicks on display campaigns—you name it. With new data input, the system verifies previous assumptions about the customer and updates the information accordingly.

Inspire you to prepare data-driven dynamic content

With tons of information and insights about your customers, you can experiment with personalization as much as you wish. Introduce dynamic elements in emails, landing pages and ads to make customers see only what actually interests them.

Automate customer communication without losing a personal touch

Dynamic content and segmentation give marketing automation a new dimension. With customized messages, customers won’t feel like they’re interacting with a robot. This is a curious paradox about artificial intelligence—it lets you create closer customer relationships than if you were to develop automation scenarios by yourself. Our clients’ campaign results confirm this fact.

Cooperate closer with other departments: Customer Service and Sales

There’s no point in keeping precious customer data to yourself if there are more teams that will benefit from it. Think of Customer Service and Sales; their insights can perfectly complement your input. Thanks to dynamic segmentation and advanced analytics, you can help one another improve customer communication. And share valuable information in one place.

To conclude

Creativity is the most important skill in the AI age and as a marketer, I bet you’ve got it. Don’t forget that:

  • AI is not your enemy right now, but you’d better not ignore it
  • AI still needs a human touch to deliver extraordinary results and your new job is to harness its powers

Machines will gather significant data for you in the blink of an eye, but you need to fasten your seatbelts and drive this car to the finish line. It’s not possible without a strategy. The answer to the question “Will Artificial Intelligence replace marketers?” is no, but add one more point to you to-do list – learn more about it and its capabilities.

P.S. If you’re curious about the capabilities of AI delivered by Synerise, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to spread the word about next-generation marketing.