The image represents different e-learning trends: a computer screen with message bubbles, video. Extra elements are books and a cup of coffee.

E-learning Trends: How to Learn Easier and Faster in 2018

Advances in technologies and new approaches to learning and teaching keep the field of e-learning solutions in a state of constant development. Let’s look at the latest ideas to increase the motivation and involvement of e-learners.   Let’s play a game! Creating short educational games attracts not only the attention of children but also adult […]

Will Artificial Intelligence replace marketers?

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Marketers?

Dear Marketer, you know that Artificial Intelligence is taking over, right? You probably want to learn how much of an impact it may have on your department and how to prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges. If you’re anxious about how you’ll fit in to this new world, you’re in the right place.   But […]