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Synerise People: Backstage at the Synerise Partner Network

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Synerise Partner Network - scalable partner ecosystem

One of Synerise's core values that you’ll find in our DNA is the delivery of advanced, innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence that contribute to the growth of customers around the world. For this reason, we have decided to build a scalable partner ecosystem. In this episode of #SynerisePeople we want to share the whole story behind this project.

The Synerise Partner Network is a space that we created to meet the needs of leaders in various fields to create solutions that will be able to satisfy even the most complex demands of clients around the world, thanks to the synergy of knowledge, experience and potential.

The Synerise ecosystem was created to enable our Partners to:

  • address customer needs using hundreds of built-in functionalities;
  • provide digital services by carrying out marketing campaigns;
  • implement and integrate with existing client tools to provide transformational, enterprise projects;
  • provide consulting services, benefiting from the analytical capabilities and other specific functions of the platform;
  • access the resources needed to create additional intellectual value based on Synerise in the form of new products, applications or services (this offer is dedicated to Independent Software Vendors).

We believe that diversity is a huge business advantage that enables us to implement innovative ideas. It is thanks to this type of cooperation that the Synerise ecosystem can be used for purposes beyond what we originally imagined. An extensive network of partners, located all over the world, enables us to better understand customer needs and take local economic requirements into account, even in the most distant markets.

The combination of the partner's IP and the Synerise platform creates the opportunity to address client needs that Synerise and its Partners have not been able to address separately before. Discover what value we can provide together with one of the Partners - Perfect Data.

One of our Partners is Perfect Data - a Polish company that provides smart store equipment, including intelligent shelving systems for shops. Thanks to our cooperation, we are able to provide data that can be used to properly position products on the shelf in the store. 

In addition, Perfect Data smart solutions, combined with hyper-personalization provided by Synerise, allows you to display recommended products on a screen attached to the intelligent shelf. 
Sounds like the perfect customer experience!

What kind of partners are we looking for?

As part of our Partner Network, we distinguish several types of cooperation:

Referral partners

Intermediaries between Synerise and potential clients who would be interested in the tools and solutions offered by our ecosystem. They recommend our services. 

Sales partners

This kind of partner carries out and supports the entire customer acquisition cycle. 

Digital Agency partners

These are companies that have experience in creating and implementing marketing campaigns where the Synerise platform is used as a tool to execute this marketing venture. 

System integrators

These entities specialize in providing enterprise-class solutions. They are able to implement the Synerise ecosystem in the client's environment, handle individual functionalities, connect it with other tools used by the client, and give them full support locally, without involving Synerise. 

Consulting firms

These are partners who, during the implementation of the Synerise ecosystem, advise companies on the selection of solutions to reap the most benefits from their potential, but also propose new use cases that promote the digital transformation of business. 

Independent Software Vendors

These are partners who use the Synerise platform to build their own intellectual property, bringing additional value to the client (e.g. chatbots). 

We are open to various cooperation models, with entities and companies from every part of the world. Our strategic partners, including Microsoft, also enable us and our Partners to acquire valuable contacts, which in the long run results in fascinating projects for the digital transformation of business. 

Are you wondering if your company would be the right candidate to join the Synerise Partner Network? We are looking for ambitious entities that are not afraid to implement the most sophisticated and innovative concepts.

In addition, it is important for us that you have the expertise and experience in those industries in which you want to use our ecosystem. Until now, we have been able to boast of projects with excellent results in the area of e-commerce, retail, banking, telco and automotive, while Synerise tools are flexible enough that they can also be successfully used in public services for citizens, the energy sector or the games industry. 

We believe in the power of meritocracy, science and intellect, because only ambitious market players, quickly adapting to the changing needs of customers, are able to achieve satisfactory growth. That is why we want our partners to be willing to learn and broaden their horizons. 

And finally, for our cooperation to make sense and bring satisfactory results, we also need mutual commitment. This combination of forces has enormous development potential and also brings great opportunities to increase profits, including financial ones. That’s how perfect business partnerships develop. 

The implementation process of the Synerise Partner Network 

Partnership cooperation is a strategic business pillar for us, which is why we devote a lot of time and resources to supporting the development of the skills and capabilities of the members of our network. Our onboarding process is comprehensive and divided into several stages to ensure that each new partner feels confident and comfortable with our platform. 

The implementation process of the Synerise Partner Network; recruitment, activation, development, growth

What we offer our partners 

All materials within the Synerise Partner Network, which we have carefully prepared and constantly enhanced, are aimed at maximizing the potential of our cooperation. 

First of all, we have launched a dedicated Synerise Partner Portal, through which we give access to all sales, technology and marketing materials, and where we publish Customer Success Stories. It's a place that allows you to use the resources of our network from any location at any time. 

Partners may ask for additional consultations with experts or register a sales opportunity, guaranteeing exclusive rights to support by Synerise specialists from a given region. 

In addition to onboarding, we offer many expert trainings that help increase the quality of our services. Partners also have access to a rich knowledge base and detailed online documentation, as well as help from our technical teams, who are top-class specialists in the field of technology delivery. 

Through the support of our regionally-based teams, Synerise helps partners to achieve business goals. Thanks to this, we can not only provide help to partners and clients in local languages, but we are happy to participate in business meetings organized by our partners, providing them with the best support and helping them take advantage of sales opportunities. 

The benefits of the Synerise Partner Network 

Although all our projects are based on supporting digital transformation and building competitive advantages based on knowledge and science, the main focus is always business benefits. It's the same with the Synerise Partner Network. Our Partners can: 

  • Gain enormous financial opportunities
  • Expand their product and service portfolio as well as develop their business in completely new directions
  • Earn from implementing, integration, and in many other areas related to the digital transformation
  • Receive business and technical support tailored to their needs
  • Obtain specialist knowledge and valuable insights from market leaders with whom we cooperate
  • Have the opportunity to stand out from the competition by working with advanced technology

As part of our global strategy, we are willing and ready to cooperate with partners from around the world, on different continents and in many languages. To learn more, fill out this form or contact Julian Lubański (Head of Partnerships at Synerise) via julian.lubanski@synerise.com.