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5 Steps of Black Friday preparation you could forget, and shouldn’t

6 min read
Black Friday data management presented on black screens in form of analytics and dynamic content

In the time when almost all the shop traffic moves to online the Black Friday seems to be not just the Friday but the whole “BF season”.

You already know how to prepare effective use cases, however this coin has also the other side – preparing the data & environment for Your endusers.

Below you will find five crucial points to enrich Your confidence in effective preparation not only from the sales perspective but also from the perspective of higher traffic management.

1. Preparing the data - When to do imports

At first Black Friday season will require to think beforehand about the use cases that will grow Your revenue. Thinking beforehand doesn’t mean only to set proper promotions. It’s also to prepare use cases on Your Marketing Automation / Personalization tool. In that case remember to provide Your vendor with appropriate data:

  • Fresh data about products and their characteristics
  • Up-to-date client data
  • Marketing agreements
  • External scorings
  • Promotions
  • Voucher pools
  • Additional venue data (i.e. opening hours)

Providing the data beforehand may give You more time for testing & optimization.

2. How to manage agreements

While managing agreements take into consideration that sending data in batch just before the Black Friday may not be the best option. Instead prepare the action plan set on fundaments of two:

  • Update client’s agreement data in batch
  • Integrate marketing agreements management in real-time

First step allows You to update high volume of users while second step allows you to keep clean & up-to date state of marketing agreements.

“Black Friday" is the season when users are also “hunting for promotions” - making sure that all landing pages & newsletter signup forms are visible & properly tagged is a key for success for proper customer experience during this period.

3. How to manage cache on websites

In the time when many campaigns are being prepared, load of campaign parameters are being transferred to url links (such as utm parameters or other particular tracking params). In those cases, it's extremely important to setup cache rules for your website to properly manage all campaign cases and reduce ecommerce engine overload. No one likes when higher traffic – especially generated by Black Friday campaigns is handled inappropriate. There is nothing more painful for Your customers than receiving high value promotion and then see "internal server error" caused by the traffic You just paid for due to wrong cache management rules.

4. How & when to synchronise with 3rd party

If You have any kind of 3rd party data synchronization (such as for Facebook audience or data lake) and it’s not crucial for Your Black Friday processes – throttle down the traffic or even eliminate it 100% during Black Friday. It may give Your network the space which may be necessary to handle bigger traffic during sales period.

For this period it’s also crucial to optimize all the automations / data synchronizations that are running in background.

5. Set “on duty” (one touch contact) for customer support for emergency situations

Even though you have been prepared 100% there may always be an emergency situation. In order to properly handle such You need to define SPoC (Single Point of Contact) on the side of Your team and in parallel on the side of your vendor. During emergency situations You would rather to have short route without any unnecessary proxy to have 1:1 contact to fix the situation ASAP.


Those points are essential for your e-commerce to function well and to have extensive knowledge of your customer behavior etc.

Remember that the points discussed above are not specific only to the Black Friday period. You can use them in the process of general data management. This checklist will also be useful at other times of the year and it is worth sticking to it!

As you can see preparing proper data is definitely the key to success. You need to focus not only on gathering a huge amount of them but also think how to use them properly to get the most from them. You have to start thinking about it earlier to be good prepared and be one step ahead of your competition!